Mission and Vision

A group of citizens who serve youth in transition and their supports, The Brattleboro Core Team aims to ease and simplify the transition process for all its stakeholders.  We do this by way of creative collaboration, information sharing, community outreach, networking, driving policy, promoting disability advocacy, and identifying gaps in services, all while using a student-centered approach.  Through this advisory platform, we strive to build stronger partnerships, supporting the individuals we serve to navigate their barriers for a more successful integration into adulthood.  As a result of our work together, we hope to see more youth having seamlessly navigated their way into post-secondary training programs, education, and/or employment, ultimately enhancing the health of our community as a whole.

Brattleboro Core Team Mission Statement

Contact for team

Brandy Reynolds 802-798-2701
Bonnie Haug-Cramp 802-917-8268

Meeting Notes

Meeting Dates


SEPTEMBER 26               3:30-4:30                     

OCTOBER (date TBA)    TIME TBA                        STATEWIDE                    LOCATION: TBA                                    

NOVEMBER 28               3:30-4-30                         REGIONAL                       LOCATION: CCV (Spfld)

DECEMBER 26                3:30-4:30                         DISTRICT                          LOCATION: HIREABILITY

All dates, times, locations subject to change; we will do our best to communicate changes in ample time.

All district and regional meetings are on location with remote option.

Statewide meetings are remote and on location, as specified.

  • District = Brattleboro
  • Regional = Brattleboro/Springfield
  • Statewide = Statewide

Events and Presentations

Windham Career Center Trainings Adult Overview

Internship Programs – D-H Workforce Readiness Institute (dhwri.org)

There are several internship programs for which they are accepting applications right now, which may be of interest to some of our consumers. Follow this link to learn more about the following programs:

  • High School Foundations Internship
  • College Summer Internship
  • LNA Summer internship

HCRS Developmental Services Supported Employment for High School Graduates



Affiliated Schools

  • Brattleboro Senior High School
  • Community High School of Brattleboro
  • Compass School
  • Green Mountain High School
  • Greenwood School
  • Kindle Farm School (Brattleboro students)
  • Meadows Educational Center
  • Twin Valley Middle High School
  • Windham Regional Career Center