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Due to COVID-19, Puppets in Education are adapting the Anxiety (for Grades 1-4) and Bullying Prevention (for Grades 1-4) programs into remote learning workshops. Scheduling information will be updated by September.

Want to invite Puppets in Education to your school or organization? We travel anywhere within Vermont and beyond!  Here are the easy steps to booking a show with us:

STEP 1: Fill in the Performance Request form (see below)

STEP 2: Choose dates that work best for you from our Available Performance Days (see below). Please provide 2 options.

STEP 3: Receive confirmation from PiE office staff on #1 and #2

STEP 4: Create a schedule for the day (see FAQ 12 for help here) with Programs. Click here for topics and workshop listings.

STEP 5: PiE will provide materials for you to notify students, families and faculty of the scheduled  programs at your school!

Performance Days: Tuesdays and Wednesdays with occasional Mondays from September through May. Click here to see our available days (please look for “Available” on dates)

Fill in the form below and we will contact you.

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Program Fees in Vermont

$2,500 – Full Day* (4 presentations)

$1,600 – Half Day* (1-2 presentations)

Price includes travel

*These are our true costs, if you are writing a grant or have donor participation, please support us at this rate.

Thanks to matching donor, business and grant support we can offer subsidized school rates: $750 for up to three presentations; $250 for each additional presentation, maximum of five in one day.  Please contact Karen Sharpwolf to inquire if funding is available for your school and we will try to match you with a donor.

These prices are for Vermont presentations. Please email Sarah Vogelsang-Card for out-of-state presentation pricing. Puppets will travel and we frequently perform in New York, New Hampshire and beyond.

We would love to hear from you!