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*Update: We are offering live online programming for the 2021-2022 school year. We hope to offer in-person programming starting in April 2022.

Puppets in Education 2021-2022 Virtual Program Information

Puppet programming about Worry/Anxiety or Kindness for grades K-4 includes:

  • Live introduction with a puppet and person
  • Professionally filmed engaging skit
  • Live Q&A with a puppet at the end
  • Opportunity to write or email puppets after the show
  • Zoom platform (we will work with your school on specific protocols)

Workshops for grades 5-8 include:

  • Synchronous presentation
  • Discussion
  • Videos
  • Tools for dealing with Stress/Anxiety
  • Note: there are no puppets in the workshops

Puppets in Education 2021-2022 In-Person Program Information

We hope to return to in-person shows in April 2022, which will include:

  • Worry/Anxiety puppet program (K-4)
  • Kindness (adapted Bullying Prevention) puppet program (K-4)
  • Anxiety/Stress workshop (5-8)

Program Cost, Availability and Logistics:


Our schedule fills up quickly. Please let us know your top three dates as soon as possible and FILL OUT THIS FORM 


Full day (5 shows): $3,500

Half day: $2,500

*Each show ideally has 2 classrooms (of similar age), with a maximum of five classrooms. The smaller the group, the better the experience!

We encourage all schools to contact us with your specific needs, regardless of rates. Let’s work together to make sure your kids get the shows they need.

Luckily, Vermont COVID Education Recovery Funds are now available, and our Worry/Anxiety program meets the AOE focus area of mental health and well-being.

We encourage every school interested in in a PiE program to reach out to us, regardless of ability to pay. Subsidized, sponsored, or grant-funded shows may be available in your area.


We are currently able to perform five shows in a day. Our virtual shows are done via Zoom to ensure safety and security for all participants. Our preference is two to five classrooms per show (ideally grouped by grade), and students can be either in their classrooms or remote.

PiE understands that each school in Vermont is facing its own unique needs and sets of precautions/requirements.

Please contact karen.sharpwolf@vtfn.org with questions, to receive information about the 2021-2022 programs and to inquire if grant funding is available for your school.

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