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  • Jacqui Kelleher, Executive Director
  • Michelle Kessler, Director of Operations and Planning
  • Lisa Kenney, Office Manager and Payroll Specialist
  • Claire Giroux-Williams, Development Manager 
  • Katie Keidel, Development Coordinator 
  • Brianna Underwood, Advocacy Policy Coordinator
  • Dominique Dube, Administrative Specialist 
  • Sherri Dunne, Office Assistant
  • Adam Minter, Office Assistant

Family Support

  • Emmy Hilliard, Director of Family Support – Health 
  • Karen Price, Director of Family Support – Education 
  • Rachel Boyers, Training and Outreach Coordinator
  • Diane Bugbee, Family Support Consultant – Mental Health
  • Marie Fetterhoff, Family Support Consultant
  • Lori Gilbar, Family Support Consultant
  • Christine Kilpatrick, Family Support Consultant 
  • Ashley Michaud, Genetics Navigator
  • Jenny Norris, Family Support Consultant
  • Nancy Richards, Family Support Consultant
  • Laurel Sanborn, Family Support Consultant
  • Donia Shirley, Family Support Consultant
  • Sienna Tuinei, Community Outreach Coordinator
  • Joanne Wechsler, Family Support Consultant 

Puppets in Education

  • Sarah Vogelsang-Card, Program Manager 
  • Karen Sharpwolf, Program and Curriculum Developer
  • Deb W. Lyons, Master Puppeteer
  • Kate Williams, Master Puppeteer 
  • Jon Van Luling, Master Puppeteer
  • Judi Byron, Assistant Puppeteer
  • Karlie Kauffeld, Puppeteer
  • Ry Poulin, Assistant Puppeteer
  • Volunteer Puppeteers: Joshua Beaupre, Mary K. Dennison, Karen Newman and Paul Sumner