Call us at 1-800-800-4005 /(802) 876-5315 or send an email to

Email addresses for VFN staff follow this format:


  • Pam McCarthy, President/CEO x207
  • Sarah Wallace-Brodeur, Director of Operations x237
  • Charles Teske, Finance Manager x226
  • Claire Giroux-Williams, Development and Communications Manager x201
  • Katie Keidel, Development Coordinator x215
  • Dominique Dube, Administrative Specialist x203
  • Sherri Dunne, Office Assistant
  • Adam Minter, Office Assistant

Children’s Integrated Services – Early Intervention

  • Rachel Boyers, Director x235
  • Mindy Deibler, Family Resource Coordinator Supervisor x230
  • Kelly Morrison, Developmental Educator Clinical Supervisor x252
  • David Bogdan, Administrative Specialist x221
  • Andrew Capone Jr., Developmental Educator x222
  • Ian Carroll, Family Resource Coordinator x205
  • Dave Clark, Developmental Educator x244
  • Kimberlie Dusseldorp, Developmental Educator x208
  • Kathleen Fitzgerald, Developmental Educator x254
  • Nikki Franco, Developmental Educator x248
  • Jessica Gerry, Family Resource Coordinator x260
  • Skylar Haugenes, Developmental Educator
  • Mark Kennedy, Family Resource Coordinator x227
  • Lisa Kenny, Administrative Coordinator x257
  • Amy McCormick, Family Resource Coordinator x241
  • Kate Medley, Developmental Educator x238
  • Michelle Perry, Developmental Educator x232
  • Lily Pigue, Developmental Educator x263
  • Kate Ruwet, Family Resource Coordinator x251
  • Laurel Sanborn, Family Resource Coordinator x202
  • Noelle Tripodi, Family Resource Coordinator x240

Family Support

  • Karen Price, Director of Family Support – Education x220
  • Jamie Rainville, Director of Family Support – Health x243
  • Vickie Crocker, Family Support Consultant – Mental Health x211
  • Lori Gilbar, Family Support Consultant – Northeast
  • Martha Frank, Family Support Consultant x228
  • Christine Kilpatrick, Family Support Consultant x206
  • Lyndsay Landrey, Family Support Consultant x214
  • Molly Lawney, Family Support Consultant x216
  • Jenny Norris, Family Support Consultant
  • Bidur Rai, Family Support Consultant x209
  • Nancy Richards, Family Support Consultant – South
  • Janice Sabett, Family Support Consultant – Training Specialist x218
  • Joanne Wechsler, Family Support Consultant x217

Puppets in Education

  • Sarah Vogelsang-Card, Program Manager x247
  • Deb Lyons, Program Consultant x204
  • Karen Sharpwolf, Master Puppeteer x225
  • Kate Williams, Assistant Puppeteer
  • Volunteer Puppeteers: Joshua Beaupre, Mary K. Dennison, Karen Newman and Paul Sumner