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Family Support Program


The Family Support Consultant provides family centered information, referrals, and assistance to families, individuals, and professionals through trainings and workshops as well as individually.


  • Must have experience parenting a child with special needs
  • Possess strong written and verbal communication skills as well as strong presentation skills
  • Be well-organized and able to maintain required records and statistics
  • Able to work independently and with a diverse population
  • Able to host occasional evening or weekend trainings
  • Able to flex schedule as needed for meetings with providers
  • Able and willing to travel to meetings in Chittenden county and surrounding area


Training and Outreach

  • Seek out and support parent groups representing families of infants, toddlers, children and youth with special needs and others by providing information regarding education, health services, disabilities, and community resources
  • Organize and conduct relevant workshops and trainings, including regional conferences, for families, professionals, and community members in collaboration with other VFN staff
  • Promote the mission and goals of Vermont Family Network through outreach to families, health care providers, educators, hospitals, schools, agencies, organizations, community members and others
  • Conduct workshops covering a range of topics including special education and healthcare financing
  • In collaboration with the Howard Center plan, conduct, and oversee monthly SibShop events for siblings of children with special needs on nine or ten Saturdays per year.
  • Collect family stories and photos for use in marketing materials and on the organization’s website

Individual Assistance

  • Provide in-person or telephone support and information to families of infants, toddlers, children and youth with special needs and others regarding education, health, disabilities, community resources
  • Assist families in identifying and accessing services and supports
  • Make follow up calls to families/others as needed
  • Coordinate family support with other VFN staff to ensure parents’ access to human services and education systems
  • Record information regarding contacts with families, professionals, and community members in database
  • Acquire knowledge of and develop collaborative relationships with local resources


  • Understand, communicate, and carry out the mission and philosophy of VFN
  • Prepare time reports and other paperwork as necessary
  • Attend staff meetings and other meetings as required
  • Participate in staff development activities
  • Other duties as needed

Cover letter and resume to HR, Vermont Family Network, 600 Blair Park Rd., Suite 240, Williston, VT  05495, or email  EOE


Children’s Integrated Services – Early Intervention Program (CIS-EI)

Position Summary

As a member of the Chittenden County CIS-EI, the Family Resource Coordinator (FRC) will identify and help families with children from birth to three years access early intervention services and other community resources, and assist the Vermont Family Network (VFN) in meeting all federal and state guidelines for the CIS Early Intervention Program. An FRC draws from their own experiences to provide empathetic and informational peer-to-peer support to parents/caregivers and partners with team members to ensure a family-centered perspective.


  • Personal experience parenting a child or family member with special needs
  • Knowledge/experience accessing service systems for families of young children
  • Commitment to family-centered approach in philosophy and practice
  • Clear oral and written communication and active listening with others
  • Ability to collaborate with families, providers, and agencies
  • Ability to prioritize and manage time and workload
  • Ability to work independently and as a team member


  • Understand, communicate and carry out the mission and philosophy of VFN
  • Maintain confidentiality and respect for families at all times
  • Uphold sensitivity to cultural differences
  • Facilitate adherence to Individuals With Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) Part-C requirements
  • Act upon all referrals to CIS-EI
  • Maintain tracking forms of all active and in-process children within specified timelines
  • Coordinate services and co-visits within Children’s Integrated Services
  • Maintain communication between all providers/community partners including direct and consultative CIS providers, local school districts, medical professionals, etc.
  • Discuss options for, and role of, service coordinator with family
  • Initiate referrals for the multidisciplinary assessments, contact and follow through with evaluation providers
  • Support multidisciplinary developmental evaluations and assessments to determine initial and continued eligibility for CIS-EI
  • Attend regular Collaborative Team meetings, participate in discussions related to referrals, evaluation planning, and children with active One Plans
  • Communicate with collaborative team about system changes and professional development opportunities
  • Facilitate the development of the One Plan with families and team members
  • Complete, maintain and disseminate records in compliance with Federal/state regulations, Medicaid or other third party billing, and track monthly the status of children enrolled
  • Support multi-disciplinary developmental evaluations and assessments
  • Conduct developmental screenings when needed
  • Assist in completion of Child Outcome Summary forms
  • Provide ongoing support for families in accessing early intervention services, identifying other community resources and supports, and assisting families in meeting their self-identified needs.
  • Facilitate review/revision of One Plan as required or requested by families
  • Facilitate appropriate transition planning to Essential Early Education (EEE) or other community services
  • Ensure families are connected to a natural support system
  • Maintain current and comprehensive information on community-based resources
  • Assist/guide families with the completion of applications or other paperwork in order to connect to community resources
  • Empower families to make decisions and advocate by providing adequate information and guidance
  • Participate in professional development training/in-service opportunities for a minimum of ten hours each year to increase skills, knowledge of family-centered care, and issues related to young children and their families
  • Attend regularly scheduled supervision, CIS-EI and VFN meetings
  • Assist with CIS/EI and VFN activities as requested
  • Follow Mandated Reporter requirements for child abuse and neglect under the State of VT Law 

Cover letter and resume to HR, Vermont Family Network, 600 Blair Park Rd., Suite 240, Williston, VT  05495, or email  EOE


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