Family Support

“Thanks to Vermont Family Network who connected us with some great families when we moved back into the area. It’s assuring knowing there are organizations like this out there with tons of resources for us families with medically-complicated kids.” Kirsten Isgro (parent)

“I am grateful for VFN help as they were always polite, timely, helpful, and educated me as to my daughter’s rights and options. They never told me what to do but always made sure I knew my options and allowed me to make my own decisions. VFN documentation was very good. If I called and got a different person they referred to the notes and I felt like the service never skipped a beat.” Parent

“Helpline staff spent many hours on the phone listening to my concerns, sharing resources with me as well as wisdom gained from her own experience advocating for her child at school.  I was so grateful for her kind ear and moral support during a very challenging time for our family.  She was also able to assist us by sharing her knowledge of parent’s rights in special education and directing us toward other relevant legal information that guided our work in advocating for our child.”  Parent

“Raising a child with a disability, particularly one that is often invisible, can be a lonely journey. Because Family Support staff all have personal experience raising a child with special needs, they are particularly well equipped to offer that perfect balance of listening and offering specific guidance and support. VFN has helped us not feel alone.” Parent

Puppets in Education 

“Your presentations are so important – they empower children by teaching them valuable skills to reach out for help. The abuse prevention skits also teach compassion and understanding for children who may have a friend who has experienced abuse. Following the skits, I was transporting a student to a therapy appointment and he began singing lyrics he learned, ‘My body is my body…..’ then states that the skills he learned from the puppets were going to ‘help me talk to my counselor today’ about an experience he had witnessing inappropriate touching between peers.” – Teacher

 “(After your performance) Two 4th graders-that had actually had a bullying incident amongst themselves- have advocated to start an anti-bullying alliance.  Our first meeting is this coming Thursday.  Hoping to involve students and staff from multiple grade levels.” – Assistant Principal

“Instead of looking at the ‘deficits’ children with autism have, my 4th grade students began to focus on their ‘gifts.’ One student on the autism spectrum was able to tell stories to the class and everyone appreciated his natural talent. During oral reading time, this student was chosen often because he had such a great voice when he was reading. This was a child who was hardly ever chosen before.” – Teacher

“I LOVED the puppets!” – Student