Would you like to support other parents that have a child with a disability or special health care need? Could you draw on your own experience to offer empathy, inspiration, and a listening ear in times of need?

Becoming a Support Parent provides a unique opportunity to encourage a parent who is walking a similar path. We’re always looking for parents who are at a place in their journey to support another parent who requests a one-to-one parent match. We have found that to be an effective Support Parent, it is helpful to be at least one year out from your child’s diagnosis.

Support Parents might mentor families navigating a new diagnosis, health care systems, surgery, mental health, behavioral issues, special education, sibling and family issues, community resources, and life transitions.

What makes a good Support Parent?

  • Communication skills: non-judgmental and active listening
  • Self-awareness and self-reflection; understanding your own values and beliefs
  • Maturity and empathy resulting from your own adaptation process
  • Listening carefully rather than making assumptions or comparisons
  • Share your own hopes, resources, and practical experiences
  • Maintaining confidentiality is important to assure privacy and trust for both parents
  • Relate respectfully to people of different backgrounds and cultures

What is involved in becoming a Support Parent?

  1. Fill in our online application via Survey Monkey so we can identify your best match.
  2. Register for our free Support Parent training webinar.* In this three-hour webinar training, you will learn more about the match process, as well as active listening skills, cultural competence, resources for families, self-care, and more. You will be asked to complete a post-training quiz and evaluation, and then you will receive a Support Parent Certificate.
    * Note that the training is still in the process of being developed; a link for registration will be available Fall 2020!
  3. We ask that you commit to being a Support Parent for at least a year, but we also understand that family situations can change, and we will always contact you for permission before giving your information to a new Referred Parent. When you do agree to support a Referred Parent, you are committing to calling/contacting them at least 2-4 times within the first two months. We will also have optional monthly Zoom calls for Support Parents to connect and receive ongoing support.

Learn More

You can learn more about our Parent Match Program by watching our Parent Match Program Video (22 minutes) and reading our Frequently Asked Questions and AnswersHere is an example of how the program works as told from the perspective of two parents.

As a Support Parent you are giving an invaluable gift. “We may not have answers, but we can hold hands and give each other courage.”