Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I schedule a program?

Please fill out a request HERE

*Please note that we are fully booked for the 2023-2024 school year. Any requests we receive will automatically go into the queue for the 2024-2025 school year. Thank you for your patience and your commitment to your students.

2. How much does a program cost? Are there discounts?

Full day (4-5 shows): $3,500

Half day (1-3 consecutive shows): $2,500

We encourage every school interested in in a PiE program to reach out to us, regardless of ability to pay. Many schools use Medicaid funds, PTO/PTA money, or local business support. Subsidized, sponsored, or grant-funded shows may be available in your area.

  1. What topics are available this year?

Please visit the Topics and Workshops page for program information.

  1. What days are you available to perform?

We perform on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, generally 1-2 shows per week.  Please look for dates marked “Available for Shows” on our calendar

  1. What do you need from us in terms of space or equipment?

We are quite self-sufficient!  We bring our own stage and sound system. Generally, we like to perform on the floor with students also on the floor. We need:

  • Easy access to the performance space (we have a LOT of gear, please no stairs, elevators, or long walks, please)
  • One hour of set up time in the space before the first show
  • A space to comfortably hold all the students (without squishing)
  • Performance space for us that is about 15’ long and 8’ deep
  • The same performance space all day (we can cover our things if it is a cafetorium and you need the space at lunch)
  • Chairs for the adults to sit next to their class
  • Power
  • WiFi code (workshops only)
  • If we are outdoors, a canopy or tent

6. How shall we group the students?

We recommend scheduling program with students no more than 3 grades apart (PK-1, K-2, 3-4), our programs are developmentally geared for certain grade levels. We have an opportunity for 10-15 questions/answers with the puppets, so the smaller the audience, the better chance a student has to connect personally with a puppet. We can do up to five shows in one day, and we can come back for a second day if you cannot fit all of your students into one day of shows.

7. What does a typical program schedule look like?

Programs are about 30-45 minutes and we like at least 15-25 minutes between to reset. If you schedule programs every hour, that works for us. We can do up to five shows in one day. We are very flexible and can work with your needs. Here is an example of a schedule for a school with 200 students that is a 1.5 hour drive from Williston, VT:

8:00 am        PiE Team arrives/Set up

9:00 am        Grades 1-2 Worry/Anxiety Puppet Program

10:00 am      Grades PK-K Worry/Anxiety Puppet Program

11:00 am      Grades 5-6 Stress/Anxiety Workshop

1:00 pm        Grades 3-4 Worry/Anxiety Puppet Program

2:30 pm        PiE Team departs

8. What are your workshops like?

Puppets are fabulous, but we recognize that some students feel that they are “too old” for puppets. Our workshops include videos, visuals, small group discussions, and sometimes simulations. Workshops are best for grades 5-6, and sometimes grade 4, depending upon your students.

9. How many different topics can we have in one day? I see that you have several, can we have four or five?

We ask that you choose one or two topics for the day.  Having the same content for the school offers consistency and opportunities for conversation between grades.  Also, we can only fit so many puppets into the Puppet Mobile!

  1. I would like to sponsor a puppet show for a local school, who do I talk to?

Thank you! Schools have a high need for the programs, but lack the funding. Make a difference for your school. Please contact Sarah Vogelsang-Card to inquire about school presentation sponsorship.

  1. What supplemental resources do you have for teachers or administration?

Two weeks before your show day, we will email a comprehensive packet including:

  • Information about the content of the show
  • Information about the logistics of the show
  • An invitation for families (if appropriate, or it can also just be a notification)
  • A to-do checklist for our contact at the school
  • A post-show take-home page to keep the conversation going
  • Visuals from the show to use in the classroom

For additional resources to support children, Please click here to visit our Resources page

  1. What supplemental resources do you have for parents?

With each scheduled program we provide resources for parents to “Keep the Conversation Going” at home. Vermont Family Network supports families in so many ways—from Family Support Consultants to SibShops for siblings. Please visit our main website at

  1. How can I support the puppets?

You can make a financial contribution, or contribute your time. Contact us here.

  1. Can my student write to the puppets?

Yes! They always write back! [email protected]