Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I schedule a program?

Puppets are HERE FOR YOU this year! You are our HEROES and we would love to support your teachers and students. It may look a little different, but we are all getting good at flexibility.

Please fill out a request HERE

2. How much does a program cost in Vermont? Are there discounts?

$250 for the first presentation, and $150 for each thereafter.

This special price is for the Virtual Programming for the 2020-2021 school year. We work hard to find matching donor, business and grant support so we may offer subsidized rates for schools. Our true cost is $2,500 for a full day (3-5 shows) and $1,600 for a half day (2 shows). If your school is able to pay our true cost, it helps a lot!

  1. What topics are available this year?

For the 2020-2021 school year, we are offering a limited menu of programs:

October 2020-June 2021: Anxiety/Worry for grades PK-4 

Late January -June 2021: Bullying Prevention for grades K-4 (Information coming!)

March-June 2021: Anxiety for grades 5-8 (Information coming!)

  1. What is your Virtual Program like? 

Anxiety Program Page

What to Expect Anxiety Program Page

Never fear, puppets and students will still be able to interact—this is the core of our program. We combine live and professionally recorded portions of our show. We are able to connect to your students on Zoom or Google Meets. We are willing to work with you on group sizes, configurations (at home, in school). The name of the game is flexibility, and we want to meet your needs!

  1. Virtual programming doesn’t sound as engaging as live programming. Tell me more.

We love performing live! But, as you know, we all need to be smart and safe this year. The topics we have chosen for this school year are critical for students’ well-being. So, even though we are not live, this is a way for them to learn and discuss social and emotional issues in an engaging way. Plus, this supports our already overloaded teachers and counselors. You are our HEROES! Children really light up and are eager to talk to our puppets. They can also email the puppets after the show for an added layer of support. 

  1. What days you are available to perform?

Please email our scheduler to coordinate a date that works for you.  Also, in the FORM (link also above) you can indicate days of the week or dates you are interested in. 

  1. What do you need from us in terms of tech?

We hope that you use either Zoom or Google Meets. If you use a different platform, give us a little time to learn it 😊. Please have a tech person on hand the day of the show in case there are any issues on your end.

  1. How shall we group the students?

We recommend scheduling program with students no more than 3 grades apart (PK-1, K-2, 3-4), our programs are developmentally geared for certain grade levels. We have an opportunity for 10-15 questions/answers with the puppets, so the smaller the audience, the better chance a student has to connect personally with a puppet. We can do up to five shows in one day.

  1. What does a typical program schedule look like?

Virtual programs are 35-45 minutes and we like at least 15 minutes between to reset. If you schedule programs every hour, that works for us. We can do up to five shows in one day. We are very flexible and can work with your needs. We understand that this year is especially challenging for schools’ schedules. Some have us for more than one day because half of the class is there at a time. 

  1. I would like to sponsor a puppet show for a local school, who do I talk to?

Thank you! Schools have a high need for the programs, but lack the funding. Make a difference for your school. Please contact Sarah Vogelsang-Card to inquire about school presentation sponsorship.

  1. What supplemental resources do you have for teachers?

Please click here to visit our Resources page

  1. What supplemental resources do you have for parents?

With each scheduled program we provide resources for parents to “Keep the Conversation Going” at home.

  1. How can I support the puppets?

You can make a financial contribution, or contribute your time. Contact us here.

  1. Can my student write to the puppets?

Yes! They always write back!