The 988 Crisis Line – What Families Should Know with Samantha Sweet, Director of Mental Health Services at the Vermont Department of Mental Health and Amy Guidice, 988 Implementation Planning Coordinator. (10/13/22)

Tips and Tricks for Accessing First Call, the Mental Health System of Care, and Resources with Mariellen Woods, Clinical Director of First Call for Chittenden County, Howard Center and Jessica Coleman, Intensive Services Coordinator and ACT 264 Partnership Coordinator, Howard Center/NFI-VT. (1/27/22)

Getting Support for Your Child with Significant & Unmanageable Emotional Challenges. Presenter: Larry Crist, JD, MSW – Executive Director of Vermont Parent Representation Center, Inc. YouTube video* (8/25/21) Larry Crist script

*Please read this additional information about the Relief from Abuse Order (RFA).

Family Worry in 2020: What’s Not to Worry About? Presenters: Jeremiah Dickerson, MD; Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist and Aamani Chava, MD; Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Fellow, UVM Medical Center and Larner College of Medicine at UVM. YouTube video (12/2/20)

Family Strategies for Mitigating the Long Term Effects of the Pandemic. Presenter: Dr. Marlene Maron, Licensed Psychologist-Doctorate, Chief Psychologist & Manager, Psychological Services, University of Vermont Medical Center.  YouTube video (10/19/20)

Child psychiatrist Dr. Dickerson, Family Support Consultant Vickie Crocker, and puppet Natalie talk about anxiety in children ages 6-12 YouTube video (5/18/20)

Puppets in Education Keeping VT Children Safe: A Conversation with Dr. First and puppet- Jordan YouTube video; Letter to Educators (4/29/20)

Puppets in Education Anxiety Program: Home Edition YouTube video and a Guide to Getting the Conversation Going (3/26/20)

Vermont’s Coordinated Services Plan Process (also known as Act 264) with Vickie Crocker, VFN Family Support Consultant (Facebook Live – 2/13/20)

Anxiety in Teens with Dr. Jeremiah Dickerson, child psychiatrist (Facebook Live – 10/9/19)

It’s OK to Play! Strategies to Help Caregivers Work with Traumatized Youth (4/18/18) 

Exploring a Community-based Peer-to-peer Approach to Mental Health and Wellness (10/27/17) 

Traumatic Stress: Understanding What Happens in the Body and Brain (11/18/15)