Getting Support for Your Child with Significant & Unmanageable Emotional Challenges. Presenter: Larry Crist, JD, MSW – Executive Director of Vermont Parent Representation Center, Inc. YouTube video* (8/25/21)

*Please note that we will be re-taping this video at a later date with updated information. There will be additional information about the Relief From Abuse order (RFA).

Family Worry in 2020: What’s Not to Worry About? Presenters: Jeremiah Dickerson, MD; Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist and Aamani Chava, MD; Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Fellow, UVM Medical Center and Larner College of Medicine at UVM. YouTube video (12/2/20)

Family Strategies for Mitigating the Long Term Effects of the Pandemic. Presenter: Dr. Marlene Maron, Licensed Psychologist-Doctorate, Chief Psychologist & Manager, Psychological Services, University of Vermont Medical Center.  YouTube video (10/19/20)

Child psychiatrist Dr. Dickerson, Family Support Consultant Vickie Crocker, and puppet Natalie talk about anxiety in children ages 6-12 YouTube video (5/18/20)

Puppets in Education Keeping VT Children Safe: A Conversation with Dr. First and puppet- Jordan YouTube video; Letter to Educators (4/29/20)

Puppets in Education Anxiety Program: Home Edition YouTube video and a Guide to Getting the Conversation Going (3/26/20)

Vermont’s Coordinated Services Plan Process (also known as Act 264) with Vickie Crocker, VFN Family Support Consultant (Facebook Live – 2/13/20)

Anxiety in Teens with Dr. Jeremiah Dickerson, child psychiatrist (Facebook Live – 10/9/19)

It’s OK to Play! Strategies to Help Caregivers Work with Traumatized Youth (4/18/18) 

Exploring a Community-based Peer-to-peer Approach to Mental Health and Wellness (10/27/17) 

Traumatic Stress: Understanding What Happens in the Body and Brain (11/18/15)

Smelling the Smoke – Fighting the Fire: Supporting Students with Co-Occurring Substance Abuse & Mental Health Needs (5/23/13)

Just Personality? Drawing the Line Between Traits and Illness (12/13/12)

Coordinated Services Planning for Children with Complex Needs and Their Families (2/14/12)