VFN 2022 Back to School Series – What Can the Section 504 Plan Provide for My Child with a Disability? with Greg Van Buiten, Attorney, EdLaw New England PLLC.

Implementing Dr. Ross Greene’s “Collaborative Proactive Solutions Model” at Home with Sara Wilkins – All Brains Belong’s Volunteer Coordinator and Facilitator of the Kid Connections program.

VFN 2022 Back to School Series: Psychoeducational Evaluations: How Do They Fit Within the Special Education Evaluation Process? with Shannon Newell, PhD, NCSP, Associate Professor of Psychological Science at Castleton University.

VFN 2022 Back to School Series: Special Education Evaluation Plan and Report with Ernie Wheeler, Educational Consultant with the Vermont Agency of Education (8/25/2022)

Navigating Demand Avoidance: Threat, Safety & Foot on the Gas with Dr Mel Houser, Founder and Executive Director of All Brains Belong VT and Dr Casey Erlich, coach to parents raising PDA Autistic children at At Peace Parents, LLC and is the co-founder of the PDA Parents community. (7/26/22)

Vermont Career Advancement Project with Rich Tulikangas, Career Advancement Director at HireAbility Vermont (6/8/22)

Self-Advocacy in Transition Planning with Tara Howe – HireAbility Transition Program Manager, Dr. Sefakor Komabu-Pomeyie – VCIL Independent Living Coordinator and Martha Frank – VFN Family Support Consultant- Education (5/26/22)

Add to your Medicaid Toolkit: Understanding EPSDT for youth under age 21 with Linda McLemore, Staff Attorney, Medicaid Policy, Department of Health Access (DVHA).

The Vermont Assistive Technology Program: An Overview and Feature on Sensory Tools with Phillip Seiler, VATP Program Director and Quinby McLellan, VATP AT Specialist (3/17/22)

The New Face of Vocational Rehabilitation: HireAbility VT with Diane Dalmasse – Division Director, Hibbard Doe – Field Services Manager, and Tara Howe – Transition Program Manager from HireAbility VT (3/16/22)

Restraints and Seclusions in Vermont Schools: What Rule 4500 Means for You and Your Child with Tracy Harris, Coordinator for Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Supports at Vermont Agency of Education (3/10/22)

Advocacy 101 – Basic Training on Effective Advocacy for Change with Robyn Freedner-Maguire from RFM Strategies (3/2/22)

Helping Families and Students Understand their Benefits and Earnings Potential when on SSI with JoAnn Lemay, VR Benefits Counselor and Joanne Wechsler, VFN Family Support Consultant and Parent of Young Adult (1/21/2022)

Life, Love and Awesomeness: The Impact and Implications of Language – 2021 VFN Conference Keynote – Rachel Callander (4/8/21)

Special Needs Trusts and How to Fund Them (10/13/21)

SSI, SSDI and Medicaid: What You Need to Know to Help Your Child/Youth Get and Keep Disability-Based Benefits (9/30/21)

How Vermont ABLE Accounts Help People with Disabilities (5/7/20)

Covid-19 Emergency Supports for Family Caregivers Town Hall (4/21/20)

Children with Special Health Needs Town Hall (4/10/20)

Interview with Kirsten Murphy, Executive Director of the Vermont Developmental Disabilities Council (Facebook Live 3/16/20)

Special Needs Planning for Your Peace of Mind (11/20/19)

Home Supports for Adults in Vermont Home and Community-Based Developmental Disability Services (4/24/19) 

Family and Educational Support for Children Who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing: State-Supported Programs (5/4/16)

A Look Through Our Eyes (2/3/16)

Accessing Children’s Personal Care Services (10/28/15)

Understanding Learning Disabilities Today! (2/11/15)

Update on ACT 158: Accessing Treatment at Home for Your Child with Autism or other Developmental Disability (1/7/15)

Dyslexia: Parent and Professional Perspectives (10/15/14)

What You Need to Know About Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders – Part Two (9/25/13)

What You Need to Know About Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders – Part One (6/20/13)

Sharing Concerns with Families about Red Flags for Autism  (5/6/13)

Using Social Communication Strategies to Address Behavior Challenges in Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (4/17/13)