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We sincerely appreciate all the parents, students, and professionals who shared their ideas with us to develop the Transition Toolkit. Vermont Family Network would like to thank HireAbility VT (Formerly VT Vocational Rehabilitation) for recognizing the importance of educating families and youth about the transition planning process. The funding of this project reinforces the importance of family and youth involvement in creating meaningful transition plans. We are grateful for their support because it enabled us to write about transition planning for students with disabilities and make it available on our website free of charge to families and professionals.

About the Author

Martha Frank is a Family Consultant at the Vermont Family Network. She has worked at VFN for the past twenty years and has extensive experience in the fields of transition, postsecondary education, special education law, and education for students with disabilities. Martha earned her B.A. degree from William Paterson University and coursework on transition at Kansas University. She holds a Vermont Professional Special Educator Consulting Teacher Level II license. She is also the parent of three children.


As children move to adulthood and advance through school, it is essential to help them identify and realize their hopes and dreams for the future. Some students go directly to work after high school while others choose postsecondary education as their path to personal growth and future employment. Transition Toolkit is a guide for youth, their parents, and professionals in planning for the future and in helping students achieve a successful transition from high school.

There is information provided on the many topics involved in transition planning for youth with disabilities and includes links to resources that can assist in the planning process. I hope this will be a helpful tool in creating a smooth and successful transition for students with special needs seeking employment, or postsecondary education programs and seek information about transition health needs, adult services, independent living or community participation as they move towards adulthood.

Martha Frank