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Hello VFN family and friends!

In  light  of the rapidly evolving Covid-19 situation, Vermont Family Network is committed to maintaining a healthy work  environment for our employees, their families, and other community members while continuing to serve families of children with special health needs/disabilities and the people who serve them.

With this in mind,  we are taking the following precautions:

  • We are requiring employees to remain at home if  they  feel ill or believe they may become ill.
  • We are  reviewing all meetings, events and activities.  We are moving to conference/video calls instead of in-person  meetings, except where absolutely necessary, and are encouraging partners to do so as well. The small number of face-to-face meetings we may have will be limited to very few participants and we will require social distancing per CDC/VDH Covid-19 guidelines.
  • Next week, we will be sending out info about the VFN Conference, which will NOT be happening in person on the scheduled dates. Look for an update next week. We are considering a virtual option, as well as a reschedule.
  • We have  instituted  additional  cleaning/disinfecting  routines and have provided  staff  with  good hygiene  information and supplies, in alignment with CDC and VDH Covid-19 guidelines.
  • We are in the process of ensuring that we can make a smooth transition to remote working. We are reviewing tasks and grant deliverables, making work plans, and rising to the challenge of new ways of working while remaining a great support, information, and connection for families and those who serve them.

Our  goal  is  to  ensure  that  our  staff  have  what  they  need  in order to safeguard their health and well-being, as much as possible,  and  to  continue  their  excellent  work  no  matter how or where they are doing that work.

We are constantly monitoring  credible  information and guidance so  that  we  can  change  our  plans as circumstances require and publicly share  information as the state’s Family to Family Health Information Center and Parent Training and Information Center. We  welcome  your  questions.  Please  contact  us at

As the meme says, “Keep calm, and wash your hands!”

All our best in these challenging times,


Pam McCarthy, M.Ed.
CEO / President