Board of Directors

     Call for Applications

Vermont Family Network is seeking individuals to participate in our Board of Directors, who oversee and guide our organization’s programs, development, and operations.

Who we are. . .

Our Mission 

VFN is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to empower and support all Vermont children, youth, and families, especially those with disabilities or special health needs. We do this by giving a strong start, lifting family voices, and advancing inclusive communities.

Our Programs

Family Support. Through our Family Support program, parent professionals provide support to other parents to help them address any needs or concerns they have related their child’s health, education, or well-being. As families of children with disabilities or special health needs, they understand the challenges and the gifts children offer and how to support you to navigate complex systems and challenges as you provide for their care.

Puppets in Education: Through the magic of puppetry, we empower kids to talk about really important—and sometimes difficult—issues. We teach children how to keep themselves safe and healthy and to appreciate each other’s differences. Our puppets tell stories and talk with students about bullying, abuse, autism, health, and cultural and physical differences and more. These engaging puppet programs and workshops reach over 10,000 children and adults each year, throughout Vermont and beyond.

Advocacy:  As representatives of families, and parents ourselves, we are active advocates with state, local, and private sector partners to address the needs of our children and their families.  We have programs to build the skills of parents to advocate for their children and directly participate in state and local level forums to advocate around important policy issues and for more resources to be allocated to support children and families across the state.

 Resources:  Through our website, family support program, annual conference, and other events, we provide education and information for families of children with disabilities or special health care needs and the professionals that serve them.

Who are we looking for?

We are seeking candidates that are invested in supporting families and children with disabilities and special health needs to join our Board of Directors in the Summer of 2023.  We welcome all applicants that are passionate about making sure that families are able support their children to realize their full potential.

We are especially interested in applicants that are parents or primary caregivers of a child with special needs under the age of 25, health care professionals, and educators.

As an organization that represents children and families across the state, we welcome applicants that represent the geographic, racial, ethnic, and cultural diversity of families across Vermont.

What does a Board Member do?

VFN’s Board of Directors works closely with the Executive Director and Senior Leadership team to provide inputs and support as they implement the range of services we provide for families across Vermont.  Some specific responsibilities of Board members include:

  • Attend 9 board meetings throughout the year and an annual Board Retreat;
  • Participate in a specialized Board Committee (Governance, Financial, or Fundraising and Development);
  • Contribute advice, guidance, and counsel to the organization in a capacity that reflects the Board member’s particular skill set;
  • Serve as an ambassador for the organization and attend functions, when available; and
  • Participate in and support VFN’s fundraising and development initiatives.

How do I apply?

Applications  are due by January 6, 2023.  Please contact [email protected] if you have questions.