We are delighted to share our work over the last fiscal year, July 1, 2018-June 30, 2019. Our staff and volunteers, with excellent support from our Board, have had such an impact across Vermont during this time. Our signature family-to-family support, information, and connections reached 1101 families and 140 professionals, lifting family voices for positive change. Our Children’s Integrated Services Early Intervention (CIS-EI) program gave a strong start to 601 Chittenden County infants and toddlers and their families, often in their childcare settings. Our newest program, Puppets in Education (PiE), has increased our reach beyond Vermont, engaging 10,170 people throughout our state, New York, Massachusetts, and New Jersey, helping all children address difficult issues like bullying and abuse. We have enhanced our collaborations with a variety of partners, endeavoring to advance inclusive communities all over Vermont and, thanks to PiE, beyond! As the state’s Family Voices and Parent Training and Information Center, we have continued to be involved in advocacy efforts around early intervention programs, special education, payment reform, and budget decisions that impact families of children with disabilities and special health needs.

VFN’s 2019 Annual Report: https://www.vermontfamilynetwork.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/2019-Annual-Report-booklet.pdf