VFN Staff

Call us at 1-800-800-4005 or (802) 876-5315 or send an email to info@vtfn.org

Administrative Staff

Pam McCarthy, President/CEO, x207
Sarah Wallace-Brodeur, Director of Operations, x237
Charles Teske, Finance Manager, x226
Claire Giroux-Williams, Marketing & Events Coordinator, x201
Dominique Dube, Administrative Specialist, x203
Sherri Dunne, Office Assistant
Adam Minter, Office Assistant

Children’s Integrated Services – Early Intervention Staff

Rachel Boyers, Director, x235
David Bogdan, Administrative Specialist, x221
Ian Carroll, Family Resource Coordinator, x205
Dave Clark, Developmental Educator, x244
Mindy Deibler, Family Resource Coordinator Supervisor, x230
Kimberlie Dusseldorp, Developmental Educator,x213
Kathleen Fitzgerald, Developmental Educator, x254
Nikki Franco, Developmental Educator, x248
Jessica Gerry, Family Resource Coordinator, x260
Abbie Israel,Developmental Educator, x222
Mark Kennedy, Family Resource Coordinator, x227
Lisa Kenny, Administrative Coordinator, x257
Jordan LaBonte, Developmental Educator, x208
Amy McCormick, Family Resource Coordinator, x241
Kate Medley, Developmental Educator, x238
Kelly Morrison, Developmental Educator Clinical Supervisor, x252
Danielle Nickolson, Family Resource Coordinator, x240
Tierney O’Meara, Family Resource Coodinator, x210
Heather Ogden, Developmental Educator, x259
Michelle Perry, Developmental Educator, x232
Lily Pigue, Developmental Educator, x263
Kate Ruwet, Family Resource Coordinator, x251
Laurel Sanborn, Family Resource Coordinator, x202
Scott Sumner, Family Resource Coordinator, x233

Family Support Staff

Lisa Maynes, Director of Family Support – Health, x239
Karen Price, Director of Family Support – Education, x220
Vickie Crocker, Family Support Consultant – Mental Health, x211
Lori Gilbar, Family Support Consultant – Northeast
Martha Frank, Family Support Consultant
Jan Hancock, Family Support Consultant, x215
Christine Kilpatrick, Family Support Consultant
Bidur Rai, Family Support Consultant, x209
Jamie Rainville, Family Support Consultant, x243
Nancy Richards, Family Support Consultant – South
Janice Sabett, Family Support Consultant – Training Specialist, x218
Joanne Wechsler, Family Support Consultant, x217

Puppets in Education Staff:

Sarah Vogelsang-Card, Program Manager, x247
Deb Lyons, Program Consultant, x204
Karen Sharpwolf, Master Puppeteer, x225

Volunteer Puppeteers: Joshua Beaupre, Mary K. Dennison, Karen Newman and Paul Sumner


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