Introduction to Vermont Developmental Disabilities Services with Melanie Feddersen – Developmental Disabilities Services Specialist Supervisor at the VT Department of Disabilities, Aging and Independent Living. (5/3/23)

Jump On Board For Success (JOBS): Supported Employment for Youth with Laura Flint – VT Dept. of Mental Health Senior Evidence-Based Practices Evaluator and Supported Employment Services Coordinator, Kara Haynes – HireAbility Transition Program Associate Manager, Jesse Lawrence – Vocational Coordinator at Clara Martin Center, and Holly Benoir – Vocational Services Coordinator at Clara Martin Center. (3/8/23)

HireAbility VT’s Summer Career Exploration Program! with Sam Bernstein – Summer Careers Exploration Program participant, Tracey Dolan – Sam’s parent, Tara Howe – HireAbility Transition Program Manager and Kara Haynes – HireAbility Transition Program Associate Manager. (2/15/23)

Services for Children who are Blind or Visually Impaired – What can VABVI provide for My Child? with Stephanie Bissonette – VABVI Director of Children Services and Taya Tarr – Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor with the VT Division for the Blind and Visually Impaired. (2/8/23)

Learn, Earn, and Prosper (LEAP): Opportunities for Blind and Visually Impaired Youth in Vermont with Sarah Kirby – LEAP Program Coordinator, Hannah Peach – LEAP Virtual Program Developer, and Taya Tarr – Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor with the VT Division for the Blind and Visually Impaired. (1/19/23)

College & Careers: Personalized Support Planning with Tara Howe – HireAbility VT Transition Program Manager, Brya L. Emery – College Steps Director of Admissions and Enrollment, Chris Kennedy – College Steps Regional Director and Dana Oliver – Program Manager at the Community College of Vermont (CCV). (11/30/22)

Vermont Career Advancement Project with Rich Tulikangas, Career Advancement Director at HireAbility Vermont (6/8/22)

Self-Advocacy in Transition Planning with Tara Howe – HireAbility Transition Program Manager, Dr. Sefakor Komabu-Pomeyie – VCIL Independent Living Coordinator and Martha Frank – VFN Family Support Consultant- Education (5/26/22)

Calling All Youth – Core Team 2021 Youth Breakout Session -moderated by Julie Bruner, Youth Advocacy Council and supported by Dr. Sefakor Komabu-Pomeyie – VCIL Independent Living Coordinator and Martha Frank – VFN Family Support Consultant- Education  (5/24/22)

The New Face of Vocational Rehabilitation: HireAbility VT with Diane Dalmasse – Division Director, Hibbard Doe – Field Services Manager, and Tara Howe – Transition Program Manager from HireAbility VT (3/16/22)

Helping Families and Students Understand their Benefits and Earnings Potential when on SSI with JoAnn Lemay, VR Benefits Counselor and Joanne Wechsler, VFN Family Support Consultant and Parent of Young Adult (1/21/2022)

Post-secondary Education Options in Vermont for Youth with Developmental Disabilities (12/15/2021)

The Keys to Having a Successful Transition to Life After High School for Students with Disabilities – What Parents Need to Know (7/14/2021)

Building on What’s Important Through the Pandemic: Derek’s Story Using Charting the LifeCourse – 2021 VFN Conference workshop  (4/9/2021)

Teens and Troubleshooting and Transitions…Oh My! Lessons Learned on Transition Plans that Will Make a Difference for Your Young Adult – 2021 VFN Conference workshop (4/9/21)

Today is a Journey of Hope – 2021 VFN Conference Keynote – Karen Gaffney  (4/9/21)

Supported Decision Making (3/5/2021)

Vermont Youth Summit: Special Education Workshop with Dr. Jacqueline Kelleher, State Special Education Director, and Her Twins (8/14/20)

Vermont Youth Summit Keynote Presentation with Hasan Davis (5/28/20)

Vermont Youth Summit Workshop: Telling Your Story with Hasan Davis (5/28/20)

Transition Assessments for Students in High School Part 1 and Part 2 with Jayson Capobianco, Employment Specialist at Spaulding High School in Barre (Facebook Live, 2/12/20)

Self-Advocacy for Individuals with Disabilities with Randy Lizotte, Board President for Green Mountain Self-Advocates (Facebook Live, 1/15/20)

Assistive Technology and Employment of Youth with Disabilities (10/23/19)

Webinar Tour of VFN’s Transition Toolkit for Youth with Disabilities (10/21/19)

Vermont Division of Vocational Rehabilitation: Serving Youth with Disabilities (12/19/18)

Creating a Vision for Adulthood (11/29/18) 

Guardianship: Consider the Alternatives (10/31/18) 

Getting and Keeping the First Job (8/29/18) 

Preparing for a Healthy College Experience for Youth with Learning or Health Challenges (5/14/18) 

Confidence Building for Youth (3/28/18) 

Navigating the Adult Service System:  Rough Seas Ahead (5/24/17)  

Transition from Adolescent to Adult Health Care (8/31/16)

Effective Family Engagement in Transition (3/11/16)

The Relationship Between IEP, Personalized Learning Plan, and Proficiency-Based Grad Requirements: What Parents Need to Know  (4/29/15)

Discovering and Following Your Passions – Supporting Your Child in Creating a Career Path (4/15/15)