VFN 2022 Back to School Series – What Can the Section 504 Plan Provide for My Child with a Disability? with Greg Van Buiten, Attorney, EdLaw New England PLLC.

VFN 2022 Back to School Series: Psychoeducational Evaluations: How Do They Fit Within the Special Education Evaluation Process? with Shannon Newell, PhD, NCSP, Associate Professor of Psychological Science at Castleton University.

VFN 2022 Back to School Series: Special Education Evaluation Plan and Report with Ernie Wheeler, Educational Consultant with the Vermont Agency of Education (8/25/2022)

VFN 2022 Back to School Series: Special Education Rule Changes – What Does This Mean for Families? with Cammie M Naylor, MSW, Esq., Staff Attorney with the Disability Law Project at Vermont Legal Aid, Inc. and Karen Price, VFN Co-Director of Family Support – Education (7/7/2022)

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Preparing Families to Provide Testimony About Changes to Special Education Rules (10/7/20)

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Navigating Special Education Webinar Series: (Modules 1-4, 12/15/16; Module 5,  7/12/17; Module 6, 7/29/19):

IEP Development: How to Develop an IEP that Meets Your Child’s Needs (1/27/16)

Comprehensive Special Education Initial Evaluations and Triennial Re-evaluations (12/2/15)

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Families Are Important (9/24/14)

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