Teleservices Survey

Many services including medical, mental health, and education are now delivered using technology. What is working well for your child and family? What are your challenges and barriers? What could we do to help? Please take a few minutes to complete this short Teleservices survey so we can use the results to set priorities and guide our work.

Special Education Survey

The Vermont Special Education Rules are currently open for comment! This is a rare opportunity for you to share valuable feedback regarding your experience with your child’s Individualized Education Program (IEP). We are gathering information regarding proposed changes in this short survey. Your feedback will be aggregated and shared with the State Board of Education and could influence the final changes to the Rules. If you are interested in submitting more detailed written comments to the State Board of Education, please contact Family Support at (802) 876-5315 or  [email protected]. The survey will be open until November 30.