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This one-hour webinar (YouTube video) was recorded on June 5, 2019. There are many considerations and approaches that can be helpful when introducing or re-introducing a child to a setting that is out of routine (e.g., medical appointments, hospitalizations, haircuts, etc.) These approaches can be especially helpful for children with sensory sensitivities. Child Life Specialists from the UVM Children’s Hospital are trained to set up the environment, provide developmentally-appropriate education and support to children and families with a wide array of cognitive, emotional and physical needs in order to help process experiences in a way that is meaningful. We invite you to explore our toolbox of knowledge and encourage you to help us continue to fill it with the strategies that have been successful in your own journey. Presenters from the UVM Children’s Hospital: Jennifer Eddy, CCLS (Certified Child Life Specialist) – Comfort Zone (Outpatient Pediatric Sedation Center) and Jennifer Dawson, CCLS – Baird 5 and PICU (Inpatient)

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