Discipline, Suspension & Behavior

When your child on an Individualized Education Program (IEP) violates school conduct, different rules apply:

  • For up to ten days, your child may receive no services
  • When it appears that your child may be suspended for longer than 10 days, the school must hold a “manifestation determination” meeting to decide whether the behavior is related to your child’s disability

If it is not, your child will be subject to the same disciplinary measures as any other child in the school district, but your child must continue to receive services in accordance to his IEP.

If it is, the school must provide more/different behavior supports and your child should be allowed to return to school.

However if your child:

  • Brings a weapon to school,
  • Possesses, uses, sells or solicits the sale of any illegal drug(s), or
  • Inflicts serious bodily injury upon another person,

The school may remove your child immediately to a different setting for up to 45 days.

If you disagree with any part of this process, you may request a due process hearing from the Vermont Agency of Education.


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