Medical Home

A Medical Home is an approach to providing health care services in a high-quality and cost-effective manner. A Medical Home is not a place, but rather a partnership between your family and your child’s doctor/health care team. A Medical Home extends beyond the four walls of a clinical practice. It includes specialty care, educational services, family support and more. A Medical Home helps a family feel recognized, known, respected, and supported.

The American Academy of Pediatrics describes the medical home as a model of delivering primary care that is accessible, continuous, comprehensive, family-centered, coordinated, compassionate, and culturally effective.

  • Family-centered partnership: A medical home provides family-centered care through a trusting, collaborative, working partnership with families, respecting their diversity and recognizing that they are the constant in a child’s life.
  • Community-based system: The medical home is an integral part of the community-based system, a family-centered coordinated network of community-based services designed to promote the healthy development and well being of children and their families. As such, the medical home works with a coordinated team, provides ongoing primary care, and facilitates access to and coordinates with, a broad range of specialty, ancillary and related community services.
  • Transitions: The goal of transitions is to optimize life-long health and well-being and potential through the provision of high-quality, developmentally appropriate, health care services that continue uninterrupted as the individual moves along and within systems of services and from adolescence to adulthood.
  • Value: Recognizing the importance of quality health care, appropriate payment for medical home activities is imperative. A high-performance health care system requires appropriate financing to support and sustain medical homes that promote system-wide quality care with optimal health outcomes, family satisfaction, and cost efficiency.


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