General Education

The Vermont State Board of Education is responsible for the establishment, advancement, and evaluation of public general education policy.

The powers and duties of the Board include making regulations governing: attendance and records of attendance of all pupils, standards for student performance, adult basic education programs, approval of independent schools, disbursement of funds, and equal access for all Vermont students to a quality education.

The governing regulations are described in the Manual of Rules and Practices

Together, State Board of Education and the Agency of Education (AOE) provide leadership, support, and oversight to ensure that the Vermont public education system enables all students to be successful.

AOE Vision:  Every learner completes his or her public education with the knowledge and skills necessary for success in college, continuing education, careers, and citizenship. The public education system provides flexible learning environments rich with 21st century tools that promote self-development, academic achievement, and active engagement in learning. It operates within a framework of high expectations for every learner with support from educators, families and the community.

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