Seeking Parents of High School Youth

Are you the parent of a high school aged youth who is working with a Transition Counselor from VocRehab? Are you interested in improving transition services to adulthood for students? Each of the 12 regions in Vermont has an interagency team (with schools) tasked with creating smooth processes and specific student collaboration for high schoolers in each county/school district. These teams are called Core Transition Teams and are led by Transition Counselors from VocRehab.

We are seeking parents to join a Core Transition Team Collaboration Event on October 17th at Saint Michael’s College. Each team needs one or two parents to participate. The goal of this event is to improve transition services both at local and statewide levels. It is an opportunity for local teams to come together to problem solve and work in unison. We are inviting parent reps to share their voice to bring the family perspective. Some of the topics covered in prior years have been: Work Based Learning, Adult Developmental Disability Services Process, Guardianship/Supported Decision Making to name a few.

If you would like to learn more about this opportunity, please contact Martha Frank at 802-876-5315 x228. To learn more about the role of VR, watch the VFN webinar, How the New Workforce Innovation and Opportunities Act (WIOA) Can Provide Support for Your High School Student.

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