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Helpful Approaches to Navigating Sensory Sensitivities in the Community (6/5/19) There are many considerations and approaches that can be helpful when introducing or re-introducing a child to a setting that is out of routine (e.g., medical appointments, hospitalizations, haircuts, etc.) These approaches can be especially helpful for children with sensory sensitivities. Child Life Specialists from the UVM Children’s Hospital are trained to set up the environment, provide developmentally-appropriate education and support to children and families with a wide array of cognitive, emotional and physical needs in order to help process experiences in a way that is meaningful. We invite you to explore our toolbox of knowledge and encourage you to help us continue to fill it with the strategies that have been successful in your own journey. Presenters from the UVM Children’s Hospital: Jennifer Eddy, CCLS (Certified Child Life Specialist) – Comfort Zone (Outpatient Pediatric Sedation Center) and Jennifer Dawson, CCLS – Baird 5 and PICU (Inpatient)  View PowerPoint

Health Care Advocacy Resources and Free Legal Help (3/13/19) The Office of the Health Care Advocate will give information on navigating health insurance, rights to health care, and appealing claim denials. You’ll leave with resources and information to be a better advocate for you and your loved ones accessing health care. The Office of the Health Care Advocate is a project of Vermont Legal Aid. We give free advice, advocacy, and support to Vermonters with health care problems. Presenter: Amelia Schlossberg, HCA Communications Coordinator View PowerPoint

Disabled Children’s Home Care (DCHC) – Vermont’s Katie Beckett Medicaid (4/12/18) Disabled Children’s Home Care (DCHC) is a Green Mountain Health Care Program that allows certain children under the age of 19 who have long-term disabilities, or complex medical needs that require a high level of care, to become eligible for Medicaid insurance even though their families’ income is above the eligibility level for Dr. Dynasaur. During this webinar you will learn about the eligibility and financial criteria of the program; tips for filling out the application; information on the required yearly renewal; and program medical re-determination. Presenter: Betty Morse, HST/Technical Assistance Specialist, Children with Special Health Needs (CSHN), Vermont Department of Health. View PowerPoint

Emergency Medical Services: What Families of Children with Disabilities Need to Know (5/17/17). What happens when you call 9-1-1 and ask for EMS (Emergency Medical Services) for your child? If your child has special needs, it’s even more important to understand how the process works, what to expect, and how you can plan ahead so that your family has the best experience possible. Learn practical tips that will help your family and local EMS agency. Presenter: Stephanie Busch, NREMT, Vermont Emergency Medical Services for Children (EMSC) Program Coordinator, Division of Emergency Preparedness, Response, and Injury Prevention, Vermont Department of Health View PowerPointEmergency Information Form for Children with Special Needs

Explore opportunities with Special Olympics Vermont and Vermont Adaptive Ski and Sports (6/3/15). This webinar will highlight opportunities available with Special Olympics Vermont and Vermont Adaptive Ski and Sports for children, youth, and adults with disabilities. Special Olympics Vermont is part of a global movement that works year round to foster inclusion and acceptance of people with intellectual disabilities by using the power of sport to showcase their gifts and abilities.  We offer sports and other programs for people with and without disabilities to develop leadership skills, healthy life styles and meaningful relationships. Vermont Adaptive Ski and Sports is a nationally recognized organization that empowers people of all abilities through inclusive sports and recreational programming regardless of ability to pay. In addition to sports, year round programming options integrate environmental, holistic wellness, and competitive training philosophies for people of all ages with cognitive, developmental, physical and emotional disabilities. Presenters: Michelle Gates, Vice President of Development, Special Olympics Vermont, and Erin Fernandez, Executive Director, Vermont Adaptive Ski and Sports. View PowerPoint.

Powerful Ideas in the Disability World: What Do They Mean for Our Children? (3/4/15). This presentation looks at landmark concepts that changed the way we view ability and disability. We will look at how many of these ideas turned our previous understanding on its head, and how these ideas shape the way we see our sons and daughters and how they live and learn. Participants will be encouraged to think of how these ideas apply to their own children and their future. Presenter: Susan Yuan, President, Yuan & Associates, LLC; Research Assistant/Professor Emerita, College of Education and Social Services, UVM. View PowerPoint.

Special Needs Planning for Your Peace of Mind (4/23/14). Special needs planning is essential to protect and plan for your disabled child. Even though not having the right plans in place can be a detriment for loved ones with special needs, many families just don’t know where to begin. This workshop will include an overview of what parents and grandparents need to know about special needs planning, including: the protection of important government benefits (SSI, Medicaid); special needs trusts; how to avoid a “payback” to the state for Medicaid; the importance of writing a will; how your extended family members can help contribute to the lifelong needs of your child; and, documentation that you can do to provide guidance to future caregivers. There will time for your special needs planning questions during the webinar, however, questions may be sent in advance to make sure your concern is addressed as part of the presentation. Presenter: Claudia Inés Pringles is a Vermont attorney with a practice dedicated to special needs law. She assists clients with special needs planning, special education, and disability consultation services and is a frequent speaker on these topics. Claudia is also a busy disability advocate and a parent of a teenage daughter with autism. Visit her website for more information.

Beyond Paralysis: How To Talk To Your Son or Daughter About Sexuality (10/9/13). Most people find it embarrassing to talk about sex with their parents, and many parents find it equally uncomfortable, not knowing how to have that conversation. But when people don’t get their questions answered, it feels like they are getting brushed aside. Youth need someone they feel comfortable with to talk to about sex but also about things like abuse. Parents of people with disabilities often struggle to understand their role in supporting their child’s expression of sexuality. This webinar is designed for parents who want to improve their capacity to support their son or daughter. Participants will examine barriers to talking about sexuality and acquire practical skills in communicating about sexuality. During this session we provide insights into myths about people with disabilities and sexuality and disprove them. This webinar will also give parents an opportunity to ask questions. Presenters: Karen Topper, State Coordinator, Green Mountain Self-Advocates (GMSA), and Max Barrows, Outreach Coordinator, GMSA. View PowerPoint.

Overview of Vermont’s Pediatric Palliative Care Program (1/10/13). Each year many Vermont families learn their child has a serious life-limiting illness or condition. To better support these families, Vermont Medicaid has created a special program, The Pediatric Palliative Care Program (PPCP), for children and adolescents up to the age of 21. Palliative Care is often misunderstood by both families and medical providers, which creates a significant barrier to children and families getting the supportive services they need. In this webinar, we’ll explore what palliative care is, discuss details about the program, and address how this program will integrate into the services currently available to children through Children with Special Health Needs (CSHN). Presenters: Monica Ogelby, CPNP – Pediatric Palliative Care Program, Vermont Chronic Care Initiative, Department of Vermont Health Access and Rosalyn Lavallee, RN – Pediatric High Technology Program, Children with Special Health Needs, Department of Public Health. View PowerPoint.

Prepare Yourself for Emergencies  (7/11/12). Learn how to be better prepared as a community, and how to plan for disasters. Individuals with or without disabilities can decrease the impact of a disaster by taking steps to prepare before an event occurs. Presenter:  Betty Morse, Family Support Consultant, Vermont Family Network.

You’ve Got a Friend: Helping Your Child with Special Needs to Develop Friendships  (5/2/12). In this webinar you can learn some ways that parents can support and strengthen their child’s ability to develop and maintain friendships. Presenter: Deborah Lisi-Baker, Associate Director of the Center on Disability and Community Inclusion at UVM. View PowerPoint.

Laying the Foundation: Building a Medical Home for your Child (10/26/11). Learn about the new buzz word “medical home” and how your family fits into this way of delivering health care. Learn what the benefits are, how to know if your child has special health care needs, how to organize medical paperwork, and much more! Every child deserves a medical home- does your child have one? Presenter: Betty Morse, Family Support Consultant, Vermont Family Network.


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