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Section 504 Plan: A Powerful Tool for Students with Disabilities (11/16/17) Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 protects students who have an Individualized Education Program (IEP) as well as those on a Section 504 plan. Section 504 requires that students with disabilities receive an education designed to their unique needs and is as adequate as the education provided to children without disabilities. The law applies to students with a wide range of disabilities and has lower eligibility requirements than an IEP. Learn how to use Section 504 to get the services your child needs in school! Presenter: Greg Van Buiten, Attorney, EdLaw New England PLLC. View PowerPoint.

What You Need to Know about Truancy and Vermont Schools (9/26/16) The webinar will provide an overview of Vermont laws, policies and procedures on truancy. It will also offer tips and general legal advice for families facing truancy proceedings. Guidance and special considerations for families of children with special needs will also be reviewed. Presenter: Nancy Breiden, Disability Law Project Director. View PowerPoint.  Attendance Works has information on advancing student success by reducing chronic absence.

Personalized Learning Plans: Exploring the Relationship Between IEPs, 504 Plans, and Educational Support Systems (6/29/16). Personalized Learning Plans (PLPs) are now part of Vermont’s educational systems. This webinar will offer an opportunity to explore the relationship between PLPs, Individualized Education Programs (IEPs), 504 Plans, and Educational Support Systems. Learn about the present landscape of PLPs in schools and the role students and parents play in this important feature of a student’s school experience. Presenter: Erin Maguire, Executive Director of Student Support Services for Chittenden Central Supervisory Union. View PowerPoint. 

Supporting All Students in a Multi-Tiered System of Supports (6/1/16)Schools today provide an array of supports, services and interventions to students in order to ensure success for all.  These supports are available to all students who need them, not just those who are eligible for special education services.  This webinar is designed to give an overview of MTSS in Vermont, using the VT MTSS Field Guide as an overview. Presenters: Meagan Roy, Director of Student Support Services, Chittenden South Supervisory Union (CSSU); and Greg Marino, District Principal, Williston Town School District/CSSU. View PowerPoint.

Inclusive Arts Experiences through Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and Arts Integration (5/23/16). In this webinar, you will learn about creating an inclusive learning environment for engaging children and adults in the arts, in group settings and at home. There will be practical tips for adapting arts tools, information about process-based approaches to facilitating arts experiences, as well as a basic overview of Universal Design for Learning and arts integration. You will see examples of rich visual arts units designed by teaching artist Kim Desjardins as she explains each teaching unit in terms of UDL principles and offers ideas for adapting spaces and materials. Judith Chalmer, of VSA Vermont, describes a partnership to train teaching artists and shares resources and links to arts and education partners. Presenters: Judith Chalmer, Executive Director, VSA Vermont and Kim Desjardins, Teaching Artist- VSA Vermont, Burlington City Arts, Hiawatha Elementary School, Vermont Arts Council. View PowerPoint. Links to Resources and Partners.

Bullying and Harassment in Schools: What do I need to know and what can I do to address these behaviors? (3/9/16). This webinar will review bullying and harassment laws in schools, examine the legal differences between bullying and harassment and take a closer look at state laws regarding requirements for schools in responding to bullying and harassment and action steps for parents and advocates. The webinar will highlight case examples involving children with disabilities, address 504 Plans and Individualized Education Programs in the context of discrimination laws and provide effective intervention and proactive prevention strategies for parents and educators. If time permits, a broad look at bullying and harassment laws and cases across the nation. Presenter: Bor Yang, Administrative Law Examiner, Vermont Human Rights Commission. View PowerPoint.   

Flexible Pathways Initiative – Act 77 (5/28/14). In this general information session, Debi Price and John Spinney from the Vermont Agency of Education will be sharing an overview of the components of Act 77 including: Personalized Learning Plans, Dual Enrollment, Early College Program, Virtual/Blended Learning and High School Completion Program. Timelines for implementation and implications for students with IEPs will be discussed. Presenters: Debora Price, Education Project Manager, Vermont Agency of Education and John Spinney, Post-Secondary Transition Specialist, Vermont Agency of Education. View PowerPoint.

Legal Protections for Vermont’s Homeless Students (1/22/14). In 2012, Vermont experienced a 30% increase in identified homeless public school students. To ensure proper identification, enrollment, and support, it is vital that parents, schools, and advocates understand the rights of homeless students. This presentation will review the requirements of the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act, the many types of students covered by the Act, and the situations where conflict or misunderstanding may arise. Presenter: Jay Diaz, Vermont Poverty Law Fellow / Staff Attorney, Poverty Law Project, Vermont Legal Aid. View PowerPoint.

Common Core Standards: What Parents Need to Know (11/14/13). During this webinar we will discuss the impact of Common Core Standards on students and families. We will describe the changes in classroom instruction for English Language Arts and Mathematics. Additionally, we will offer helpful tips and resources to support families in this transition. Presenters: Laura Baker, Vermont Agency of Education; Lori Dolezal, Elementary Literacy Assessment Coordinator, Vermont Agency of Education; Cindy Moran, Alternate Assessment Coordinator, Vermont Agency of Education; Tracy Watterson, Elementary Mathematics Coordinator, Vermont Agency of Education. View PowerPoint.

Rule 4500: The Use of Restraint and Seclusion in Vermont Schools (10/1/13). Based on federal guidance, the Vermont State Board of Education added this rule to their manual of rules and practices. The rule went into effect on August 15, 2011, with the purposes of maintaining positive and safe learning environments, promoting positive behavioral interventions and supports, and ensuring that students are not subjected to inappropriate use of restraint or seclusion. Join this webinar to learn more about what is permissible and what is prohibited in accordance to this rule, as well as details in the law regarding reporting requirements, debriefing, etc. If time allows, some general information will be provided that summarizes data collected by the Agency of Education over the two years since this rule has been implemented. Presenter: Tracy Harris, Coordinator for the Prevention and Intervention of Challenging Behaviors in Schools, Vermont Agency of Education. View PowerPoint.


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