Puppet Stories from the Road

Local supporters, Creative Labels of Vermont and The Gibney Family Foundation sponsored our May puppet shows at Vermont schools. The puppets presented shows on Cultural Diversity, Bullying Prevention, Children’s Mental Health, Healthy Snacking, and Autism Demystification. Here’s what the kids are saying:

  • “I learned there is a difference between being rude, mean and bullying.” 4th Grader, St. Francis Xavier School
  • “I think it is important to welcome new people even if they speak a different language than you.” 2nd grader, Hiawatha School
  • “We should be kind to people who are different than us because we are
    ALL winners.” Kindergartener, Hiawatha School

Paul Sumner joined the Puppet Team for the Gibney Family Foundation’s Blindness and Visual Impairment shows at Lyndon Town and Milton Elementary schools. Paul, who is blind, is the talented puppeteer behind Renaldo Rodriguez and also leads the students in activities about inclusion, play and
technology. Students have lots of questions for Paul about his daily life, which he answers with grace, humor, and honesty (“How do you know what time it is?” “How do you go up stairs?”). This program encourages friendship and understanding among classmates of children who are blind or visually
impaired. One more day of shows is scheduled at Essex Elementary on June 6…the last one of the school year!

Contact Karen.Sharpwolf@vtfn.org for information on scheduling a puppet show at your school.

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