News from the Puppets

The puppets have been on the road throughout Vermont and upstate New York this past month with a huge variety of programs: Body Image, Bullying Prevention, Physical & Sexual Abuse Awareness, Children’s Mental Health, Dental Care, Healthy Snacking, Learning Differences, Cultural Diversity and Drug & Alcohol Prevention. They supported siblings at the VFN Sibshop and performed at a VFN fundraising breakfast. Since this school year began in September, VFN’s Puppets have reached more than 2,500 people!

Could your children benefit from a program about Feelings or ADHD? The Vermont Department of Mental Health is heavily discounting these programs for schools in Vermont and we have three slots left for this school year. Contact today to schedule a program!

What kids are saying to the puppets:

“I have ADHD. I take 6 pills a day. Sometimes I get really frustrated.” 4th
“Hugs make me feel better.” Kindergartener
“I feel sad when I am not asked to play games.” 2nd grader
“That was a high quality program!” 3rd Grader

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