News from the Puppets

Four is the magic number! So far this year, we have reached 4,444 people. We have had a few snow day reschedules, and the puppets will be on the road throughout Vermont every week in March from St. Albans to Poultney and places in between. Our Children’s Mental Health Programs will be the focus for the month, thanks to a grant from the Vermont Department of Mental Health.

What kids are saying to the puppets and puppeteers:

“You should show kindness because you can learn from one another.” 3rd grader
“That show was AMAZING!” 4th grader
“Don’t judge someone, get to know them by asking questions.” 6th grader

What teachers are saying about the puppets:

“Everything was great and appropriate for the grade levels, thank you!” Grade 1
“It was fun and helpful.” K Teacher
“I like the humor you brought to the program.” Grade 2 Teacher
“Working in cooperative groups was a great way to engage students.” Grade 6

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