News from the Puppets

A big thank you to Ross (Hometown) Chevrolet for a great day of Bully Prevention, Healthy Bodies and Cultural Diversity at Fort Ann Central School in October. We reached 206 children and 25 adults thanks to the partnership. The programs had a powerful impact and the students asked important questions. Anna and Brenda have been especially busy this fall with the Vermont Department of Mental Health’s grant for Children’s Mental Health programs. We still have a few slots left of the thirteen that were funded for heavily discounted Children’s Mental Health programs. Contact today to schedule a program!

From the Students:

“I feel sad when people are mean to me.” 2nd Grader, Burlington
“I feel mad when other kids don’t let me play with them.” 2nd Grader, Burlington
“Orange makes me feel happy because it is like the leaves falling.” Kindergartener, Central VT
“I have been told to kill myself on the bus.” 5th Grader, NY
“Maybe someone bullied because they don’t have a friend.” Kindergartener, NY
“You should be friends with someone different as you should be kind.”3rd Grader, NY

From the Teachers/ Administrators:

“I was surprised one of the students volunteered in the workshop, as he has unique challenges and is new to the school. He was glowing during the role play.” Grade 5 Teacher, New York
“During the workshop a student who is trying out a different gender identity and is using a different name felt comfortable to participate and use this new name. You created a safe space for this student. Thank you.” Principal, Fort Ann Central School

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