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VFN’s upcoming events include webinars, workshops, Sibshops, and support groups. If you have a suggestion for a future event, please contact Janice Sabett. 


Vermont Division of Vocational Rehabilitation: Serving Youth with Disabilities: Wednesday, December 19 from 12:00 – 1 pm. Register Now. The Vermont Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) provides free services to high school youth with disabilities working in collaboration with school and community partners. Families of youth and young adults will learn how VR can assist students both during high school and in the years after graduation as they transition into adulthood. Join this webinar to learn about eligibility requirements, services offered, how to get started, what to expect, and where to get more information. Transition counseling services can include: job exploration counseling; work-based learning experiences, which may include in-school, after school or community-based opportunities; counseling on opportunities for enrollment in post-secondary educational programs at institutions of higher education; workplace readiness training to develop social skills and independent living; and instruction in self-advocacy, including peer mentoring. The presenter will also share some case studies of students who received VR services to help them achieve their hopes and dreams. Presenter: Tara Howe, VocRehab Transition Program Director

Helpful Approaches to Navigating Sensory Sensitivities in the Community: Wednesday, February 13 from 12 – 1 pm. Register Now. There are many considerations and approaches that can be helpful when introducing or re-introducing a child to a setting that is out of routine (e.g., medical appointments, hospitalizations, haircuts, etc.) These approaches can be especially helpful for children with sensory sensitivities. Child Life Specialists from the UVM Children’s Hospital are trained to set up the environment, provide developmentally-appropriate education and support to children and families with a wide array of cognitive, emotional and physical needs in order to help process experiences in a way that is meaningful. We invite you to explore our toolbox of knowledge and encourage you to help us continue to fill it with the strategies that have been successful in your own journey. Please email your strategies and approaches to the presenters: Presenters from the UVM Children’s Hospital: Jennifer Eddy, CCLS (Certified Child Life Specialist) – Comfort Zone (Outpatient Pediatric Sedation Center) and Jennifer Dawson, CCLS – Baird 5 and PICU (Inpatient)


If you would like to host a workshop, please call Janice Sabett at 1-800-800-4005 x218 or email Janice Sabett


Sibshops are fun events for the siblings of children with special needs. Take a look at our Sibshop Frequently Asked Questions and Answers or watch this video to learn more. Sibshops meet in the Williston area. For information, questions, or to RSVP, please contact Jamie Rainville or call (802) 876-5315 or 1-800-800-4005, x 243.

Sibshop Schedule for Children and Youth Ages 6+

Each Sibshop includes an activity, conversation, and sharing a meal. Locations vary depending on the activity. Participants should dress comfortably and be ready for action! $10 donation per session. As always, scholarships are available! Activities are subject to change. 

Complete a Sibshop Registration form and save money! Fax (802-876-6291) or mail to: Vermont Family Network, 600 Blair Park Rd., Suite 240, Williston, VT 05495 Attn: Jamie Rainville

All activities are on Saturday except January 13 which is a Sunday. Below is the 2018-2019 schedule.

September 15 – Get Air Trampoline Park & Parent Sibshop Orientation (Get Air in Williston) February 9 – Love & Cupcakes (Knight Lane)
October 13 – Fall Festival (Knight Lane) March 9 – Rock Climbing (Metrorock in Essex)
November 17 – Puppets in Education (Knight Lane) April 13 – Spring Festival (Knight Lane)
December 8 – Paint & Soda (Knight Lane) May 18 – Family Pizza Party & Outdoor Games (Ethan Allen Homestead Picnic Area Burlington)
January 13, Sunday – Ice Skating (Essex Skating Facility) June 22 – Mini-golf  (Family Fun Center in Essex)

Support Groups

Here is a list of some support groups.


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