Stock Transfers

Follow these easy steps to transfer appreciated stock to Vermont Family Network. Your gift goes further with a stock transfer – no capital gains, and a tax deduction* to you for the full value of the stock upon transfer.

*This information is not intended as legal or tax advice.

Information for transferring stock electronically:

1. Before the transfer, please call Pam McCarthy, President/CEO at Vermont Family Network at (802) 876-5315 ext. 207 and give her the following information:

a. Name of your broker
b. Stock owner’s name if different from donor’s
c. Name of stock and number of shares you are transferring
d. Approximate value of stock
e. Intended purpose of your gift

2. Then give your broker these DTC instructions:

a. TD Ameritrade DTC #0188
b. For the Vermont Family Network account #867414911
(To transfer stock electronically to TD Ameritrade, you may call TD Ameritrade at (800) 669-3900.)

You will receive an official acknowledgement stating the mean value of your gift for tax reporting purposes. Thank you for your generous support of Vermont Family Network!


Vermont Family Network’s Gift Acceptance Policy

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