Coordinated Services Planning Process: Can it Help Your Child?

How can a Coordinated Services Plan (CSP) meeting help your child? A CSP meeting (also referred to as an Act 264 meeting) can be helpful if your child receives services from two or more organizations. The CSP meeting brings together all the parties involved in a child’s care. Members from Education and Mental Health are required to be present at a CSP meeting. Everyone present at a CSP meeting gains a mutual understanding of the child’s situation and hears the family’s perspective on goals, current supports, and challenges and concerns. Everyone then works together to develop a proposed plan of supports and services. It is important to understand that the CSP process provides an entitlement to coordination of services for families but not the services themselves. Parent Reps can play an important role in the CSP process. Parent Reps are parents with lived experience with children’s mental health and the mental health system. Parent Reps understand many of the challenges parents face and the difficulty of navigating the system. Parent Reps can assist parents in understanding the process and can support parents before, during, and after the CSP meeting.
If you think a CSP meeting could be beneficial, contact a person in the school or Mental Health who is knowledgeable about your child and request a CSP meeting. Paperwork requiring your signature should be provided to you in advance of the meeting as well as the opportunity to have the assistance of a Parent Rep. A CSP meeting should be scheduled within 30 days (more time may be needed for a large group) and usually requires a 90-120 minute time-frame.  You can prepare for the CSP meeting by going over the CSP forms prior to the meeting and giving some thought to the questions which will be asked at the meeting. At the end of the CSP meeting, it can be beneficial to schedule a follow-up CSP meeting to determine the status of proposed supports, and the elements of the plan that are either working or not working for your family.
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