Adult Guardianship and Alternatives

As a child nears 18, there are many things to consider, for example, there are options relating to guardianship. Guardianship is a legal process where the court gives a parent, or other adult the authority to care for and make ALL decisions for another adult. Whether this is the best option for an individual should be determined with extensive discussion of options and ultimately an evaluation that confirms it is the best option, if that is the choice of the individual and family. The goal should be to find the option that is the least restrictive while still allowing for support that is needed. Alternatives to guardianship include supported decision making; direct deposit, electronic payment, joint accounts, and an advance directive. VFN is currently looking at updating our Guardianship and Alternatives for Adults with Disabilities fact sheet. More information is also available on the Vermont Disabilities, Aging and Independent Living website or you can call and speak to one of our Family Support Consultants at 1-800-800-4005.
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