Meet the Griffin Family

Our daughter Stella was born on April 6, 2009, 11 minutes before her twin brother Jack. Stella has Down Syndrome. Adding to the stress of becoming new parents to twins was the diagnosis of a child with special needs. When Stella was just a month old, we connected with a team from Vermont Family Network. The care coordinator made us feel at ease and talked to us about the services available to us through Vermont Family Network. She asked about our needs and what we were looking to get out of the program. From the very beginning the team at VFN was there offering services, support, and guidance. They made it very clear that the program would be individualized and family oriented. It has been up to us to let our team know what we are looking for and what our goals are for Stella.


The Griffin Family.

We started working with a physical therapist right away, helping Stella to develop head and neck control. As Stella’s development has progressed, the services that she receives have shifted to meet her needs. An occupational therapist was added to work on fine motor skills. Stella works with a developmental educator and speech and language therapist on communication and comprehension. We have recently added weekly sessions with a signing mentor to augment the signs that she is already using on a regular basis to communicate.

The services offered through Vermont Family Network are very flexible. Stella receives her services at home and at childcare. This has been very beneficial to us to be sure that everyone who is caring for Stella is on the same page. Consistency is so important, especially when working with a child with special needs.

We meet with her entire team every six months to discuss her progress and set goals for the next several months. The team at VFN always makes sure that we are the ones setting the goals, that we are comfortable with the care plan and that our needs are being met.

We are so pleased with the progress that Stella has made. We are fortunate to have connected with Vermont Family Network and are appreciative of the incredible support and resources that this organization provides.

~ Kelly Griffin

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