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We are here to listen and help with any needs or concerns you may have related to you or your child’s health, education, or well-being.

Vermont Family Network (VFN) empowers and supports all Vermont families of children with special needs so that all children reach their potential. Our vision is that all Vermont families help their children reach their potential. The values which guide us are: Family-Centered, Respect, Collaboration, Making a difference, and Accessibility.

We can:

  • Provide information, connections and support about your child’s development, education, and health
  • Help you understand your child’s education plan, including special education and Section 504
  • Work with you to identify and access community resources
  • Provide early intervention services for your young child and family in Chittenden County
  • Help strengthen communication and collaboration between your family and education and health  professionals
  • Teach family-centered care to future service providers
  • Connect you with other parents with similar concerns
  • Offer leadership training to help you advocate on a personal and systems level
  • Provide guidance about health care services and insurance
  • Perform puppet shows in your child’s school through our Puppets in Education program

VFN offers services that are at no cost to families through 3 programs:

Children’s Integrated Services-Early Intervention (CIS-EI) in Chittenden County. We provide direct services to children birth-to-three who have, or are at risk of having developmental delays or a diagnosis of a disability or medical condition. Our Developmental Educators have a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Special Education. Our Family Resource Coordinators are parents of children with disabilities.

Family Support. Our Family Support staff are parents of children with disabilities. We provide statewide connections, support and training to address developmental, health and educational concerns related to children of any age. VFN is the statewide non-profit which assists families whose children have special health and educational needs. We are the federally designated Parent Training and Information Center and the Family-to-Family Health Information Center. We are also the Vermont Chapter of both Family Voices and Parent-to-Parent USA. We have been serving Vermont families with health, developmental and educational concerns for over 25 years.

Puppets in Education. Puppets in Education (PiE) joined the VFN family in September 2017. PiE teaches children how to keep themselves safe and healthy and to appreciate each other’s differences. We do this through educational programs for children and adults that utilize life-sized puppets who model effective leadership and problem-solving skills and demonstrate respect, compassion and inclusion in a diverse community.

Vermont Family Network employees are not attorneys and do not provide legal advice. VFN’s ultimate goal is to empower families through education and support, thereby increasing their capacity to be engaged and effective in every aspect of their child’s education and healthy development. If you have a problem or issue that requires legal advice, such advice should be obtained from an attorney. 

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