VFN Supports Proposed Rulemaking on Independent Schools

On December 12, Vermont Family Network submitted the following testimony in support of the Vermont State Board of Education rulemaking on independent schools.

“On behalf of the Vermont Family Network (VFN), I would like to offer input in support of the State Board to move forward with its proposed rulemaking regarding Vermont-based Independent Schools….

The proposed rules ensure open enrollment and that students in all categories of disabilities can be served by independent schools receiving public funding and have equity of school choice when an independent school is an option for all students living in districts where there is no public school and/or where school choice is available. Some independent schools have close to 90% of their students publicly funded and can deny access to students because they need special education services. We believe this practice is a violation of the constitutional rights of students with disabilities to access the same programs and services available to their non-disabled peers.”


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