Online Trainings

Online Course about Early Childhood Transition from Early Intervention:

This is an online E-learning course about Early Childhood Transition: What happens when my child turns three? This course is geared for parents to help prepare their family and child for the transition from Early Intervention. The course follows a family story and strategies they used to smooth the transition for them and their daughter Stella. The course takes about 25 minutes and you can stop and return to where you left off.

Moving on Up: Transition to Kindergarten for Children with Special Needs

This curriculum was developed jointly with the VT Department of Education and addresses the transition to kindergarten, and what parents can expect. We discuss what schools are required to do to help ensure a smooth transition into kindergarten for children with special needs, and the important roles that parents and teachers play in the process.

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Positive Behavior Supports (VTPBiS)- A powerpoint presentation for Parents: How can I get involved?

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Vermont Family Network (VFN) is working in partnership with the Vermont Department of Education, through the BEST team and the State Improvement Grant, to reach out and connect with families around the VTPBiS initiatives happening in their schools. VFN is available, and would love an opportunity to present a VTPBiS workshop for parents at your school. VFN”s presentations are free-of-charge, information-packed, and family-friendly!! Please call Christine Kilpatrick, Director of Family Support at VFN  at 1-800-800-4005 ext. 206 if you would like to schedule a workshop.

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