Health Workshops

Children with Special Needs in Your Care

What might this mean for you as a childcare provider? This interactive workshop will look at childcare providers and the role they play for children with special needs in their care. Sample topics include: What is a special need? Tips for voicing concerns about a child’s development with his parents. The grief cycle of parents of children with special need. What’s out there for support for you, the child in your care and their parents?

Finding Your Way in the Health Care Maze

Are you lost in the “fog” of the health care maze? Want to learn some resources and tips on finding your way around? Join us as we learn and discuss: Finding a doctor (Primary Care Provider), what your Primary Care Provider does for you, talking with your Primary Care Provider, basics of Health Care Financing, Green Mountain Care.

Health Care and Your Child

With a focus on families who have a child with special needs: Everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask! Join us as we learn and discuss: Health Care Reform/Affordable care Act in Vermont, Medical Home, Health/Medical Insurance, Green Mountain Care, Six Ways to Access Medicaid, Your Child’s IEP and Health Related Services.

Is It a Journey Or a Destination?

Cultural & Linguistic Competency and Family-Centered Care & Support for Families of Children, Youth and Adults with Special Health Care Needs. We have all heard of family-centered care and cultural competency but how do they relate to one another? Can we have one without the other? Join us for this interactive exploration of these two powerful topics. Discover what you are already doing well and ways that you can improve yourself, your work and workplace toward cultural and family-centered care. Is it a journey or a destination? Let’s talk.

Laying the Foundation: Building a Medical Home for your Child

Learn about the new buzz word “medical home” and how your family fits into this way of delivering health care. Learn what the benefits are, how to know if your child has special health care needs, how to organize medical paperwork, and much more! Every child deserves a medical home — does your child have one?

Let’s Get Organized!

The focus of this workshop/roundtable conversation is assisting families in organizing their child’s records and important paperwork, like IEP’s, evaluations, medical information, etc. It is a great way to start out the school year being prepared. When we have held this workshop in other areas of the state, it has served as a nice opportunity for families to connect with each other, bring their records and put them all in a tabbed binder (which we provide) and ask questions around IEP’s, 504′s, communication techniques, and available resources.

Prepare Yourself: Preparing for emergencies for people with disabilities and chronic health conditions

To be better prepared as a community, we all must do our part to plan for disasters. Individuals with or without disabilities can decrease the impact of a disaster by taking steps to prepare BEFORE an event occurs. Join us as we discuss emergency/disaster readiness tips for families with children or adults with disabilities/special needs. But the tips can work for any family! Each registered participant receives a free bag and emergency binder.

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