Education Workshops

Advocating for Your Child

Parents will explore skills they can use to become more effective advocates for their child.  Topics in this interactive workshop will include: What is advocacy? How do I communicate more effectively? Why is validation and effective communication so important to successful advocacy?

Let’s Get Organized!

The focus of this workshop/roundtable conversation is assisting families in organizing their child’s records and important paperwork, like IEP’s, evaluations, medical information, etc. It is a great way to start out the school year being prepared. When we have held this workshop in other areas of the state, it has served as a nice opportunity for families to connect with each other, bring their records and put them all in a tabbed binder (which we provide) and ask questions around IEP’s, 504′s, communication techniques, and available resources.

Navigating Special Education and the IEP

Parents are equal partners in the development of their child’s Individualized Education Program (IEP). Learn about special education evaluations, what it takes to qualify for an IEP, how to develop a strong IEP, parents rights, and tips for successful school meetings.


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