Care Notebook

Make a Care Notebook for yourself or your child

What is a Care Notebook? The Care Notebook is a simple tool to help parents of children with special needs organize and keep track of information related to their child. The Care Notebook is a three-ring binder with dividers and organizers that will enable parents to have all pertinent information in one location. A Care Notebook is:

  • carenotebookA planning tool
  • Everything in one place
  • Information at your fingertips
  • Portable (take to school meeting, doctors appointments, etc…)
  • Not having to dig through a stack of papers or a box for paperwork
  • Helping you to be a better advocate for your child
  • Personalized to best meet your needs

Where do you get a Care Notebook?

There are several examples of Care Notebooks, including one developed by the Joshua Project in Vermont. When creating the Vermont Family Network Care Notebook, the materials we saw from all of these sources inspired us.

Parents can purchase the necessary components of a Care Notebook themselves at any office supply store or can contact VFN for a starter Care Notebook packet.

Please contact Karen Bogdan at Vermont Family Network at 1-800-800-4005 ext. 201 for more information or to place an order.

  • All About Me.  Name \ Birthday-age \ Family & pets \ Favorite things \ Upsets me \ Calms me
  • Allergies, Meds & Labs.  charts for: Allergies \ Medications \ Labs \ Nutrition
  • Baby Story Room for picture \ Date, weight, length etc \ Birth history \ Milestones \ Favorites; food, toys, books, friends \ Feeding history \ Growth & development record 
  • Basic Notebook  Name, dob, ssn, blood, allergies, physician \ Family; parent, guardian, emergency contact info, siblings \ Medical/dental; lists \ Therapists; PT, OT, speech, others \ Family support resources \ Personal support contact info \ Professional support resources \ Early Intervention service contacts \ School contacts
  • Hospital, Doctors, & Services. Hospitalizations \ Surgeries & procedures \ Physicians \ Support services \ School & community services \ Supplies \ Equipment 
  • Illness, Surgery, & Vacs. Charts for: Illness \ Surgery \ Vaccinations 
  • Insurance Chart. Insurance information chart 
  • Family Medical History. Family medical history chart, including illnesses, age of deaths, etc. 
  • Questions for the Next Dr. Visit. Have your questions handy along with the answers
  • Typical Week Schedule. A chart for your child’s typical weekly schedule

Cover Inserts: colorful frame | blue/sun/star |pink/flower/heart


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