Occupational and Physical Therapists

This page is currently under construction. For information and additions contact:  [email protected]

Occupational and Physical Therapy Practitioners

Click here for a list of occupational and physical therapy practitioners who have self-identified as having pediatric experience and agreed to have their contact information shared through the TRIPSCY web site.

Additional Providers

Kids RehabGYM is a separate, fully-staffed pediatric facility designed to accommodate children of all ages. They provide pediatric physical and occupational therapy and speech services. (Colchester)

Kimberly Patten, OTL, Occupational Therapist, Possibilities Occupational Therapy, provides services to both children and adults with ASD and neurocognitive challenges. Provides community based services and contracts with schools.(Rutland County, Central Vermont, Burlington area) 802-282-6407

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