Autism Programs

Autism Programs

Care Coordination for Children with Developmental Disabilities

  • ARCh helps Chittenden County children who have an intellectual disability, autism spectrum disorder, or an emotional or behavioral challenge.

Early Intervention

Young Children and School age Programs and Schools

Online Programs

Postsecondary Education

  • College Steps Program partners with colleges and universities to support students of varying ability (e.g.,autism spectrum disorders (ASD), intellectual disabilities (ID), learning disabilities, etc.), ages 17-26, with their college pursuits.
  • Mansfield Hall is a college program and residence for young adults who will benefit from a comprehensive academic, social, emotional, and vocational approach to higher education and transition.
  • Next Steps Program is a youth transition program that provides employment and educational exploration experiences for high school seniors considering college or specific career tracks following high school graduation.
  • SUCCEED Program (HowardCenter) in collaboration with The University of Vermont, offers SUCCEED, which provides comprehensive education, campus life, career development and student housing services to students with developmental disabilities.
  • UVM/TPSID Think College is a small, innovative, inclusive, academic, social, and vocational program for students with intellectual disabilities seeking a college experience and is located at the University of Vermont.


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