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Vermont Family Network has many useful publications for children, families, and professionals. Call 1-800-800-4005 if you would like any of the publications you see on this page mailed to you, or you may also click on the following links to view or download any of our Fact Sheets.


Special Education

General Education

Response to Intervention (RtI): A Guide for ParentsÂ
A booklet for parents to explain the multi-step approach to the early identification and provision of support to students who are not achieving in their regular classroom instruction. When a student struggles with learning, the RtI model enables the teacher to provide classroom instruction and support quickly and effectively. Most commonly used to address problems in the acquisition of reading, math, and positive behavior skills, RtI may also be used with other academic areas.
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Positive Behavior Supports (VTPBiS): A Guide for Parents
Positive Behavior Supports (VTPBiS) is a school-wide approach to creating a positive and safe climate in which students can learn and grow.
Throughout the country schools are implementing positive behavior supports in order to improve discipline practices and to help students
succeed in school. Vermont’s VTPBiS State Leadership Team has been working to bring VTPBiS to Vermont schools. Currently over 50 schools,
pre-K through high school, are adopting VTPBiS.
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Informational Booklets (BEST packets) on Topics such as: