Abilitations sells products that provide solutions for balance, mobility, positioning, play, communication, sensory solutions, fine motor, and body works.

AutismShop is the online home of the Autism Resource Network (ARN), sells books, toys and merchandise; also provides information for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Child Safety 

Autism Safety Pack 

Temporary Tattoos with a Purpose


Rock n Roll Cycles

Emergency Safety

New forms on 9-1-1 Assistance for Individuals with a Developmental Disability or Autism


Brickhouse Security Child Tracking Systems GPS personal child trackers

MedicAlert Foundation emergency response service assists those in a medical emergency.

Safety and Autism Spectrum Disorder – Empowering Children and Adults with Devices and Technology. The DVD provides practical information about using simple devices to keep people with autism spectrum disorder safe. Explore assistive technology devices created for people with other disabilities and learn how they can be utilized to assist people with autiam spectrum disorder.

CareTrak Northeast– provides training and national trainers for the Care Trak System for law enforcement for those who wander.


Autism Information for Law Enforcement and Other First Responders (Autism Society)

Autism Information for Paramedics and Emergency Room Staff (Autism Society)

Autism and Law Enforcement: 25 Field Resp0nse Tips (Dennis Debbaudt)

Preparedness Tips for People with Cognitive Disabilities provides tips to help people with cognitive disabilities prepare for emergencies that may happen in their community. Communicating with those around you, having a radio nearby and an emergency preparedness kit can help you during an evacuation. This information is also in Spanish, and can be downloaded as a PDF document and in MP3 audio format.


Service Dog Resources


Autism & Law Enforcement Roll Call Briefing Video (Debbaudt Legacy Productions)

Autism In The Criminal Justice System Video (Debbaudt Legacy Productions)

Autism & The Decision to Drive (Debbaudt Legacy Productions)

Autism, Fire Rescue Emergency & Medical Service Video (Debbaudt Legacy Productions)


Autism Risk and Safety Management Dennis Debbaudt/autism training for law enforcement and emergency responders

AWAARE Working to Prevent Wandering Incidents and Deaths Within the Autism Community

Disability and Abuse Project website

National Autism Association Autism Safety Toolkit

Internet Safety, Social Networking and Technology/Autism (Autism Speaks)

Project Lifesaver

Promoting Internet Safety for Individuals with Asperger’s Syndrome and Autism

Additional Resources:

Escape DD Curriculum

Sexuality Publications

Sexuality Across a Lifetime

Sexuality Developmental Disabilities and Sexuality Curriculum (Planned Parenthood)

Sexuality Education for Students with Disabilities

Social Skills

Model Me Kids  sells videos for providing social skills

Web Links

Attainment Family: Products for Supporting Families with Special Needs


The Transporters help children recognize emotions

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