Podcasts and Webinars


A Minute of Health with CDC: Autism Awareness This podcast discusses how early identification of autism is key to getting children the help they need to reach their full potential.

A Cup of Health with CDC: Autism Awareness  This podcast discusses ways to recognize autism in children.


Autism Treatment under Act 127 This webinar  focuses on the implementation of Act 127,which will require private insurers (such as CIGNA, BCBS and MVP) to cover treatment for autism related services beginning this October. The presenters will discuss the background of AcT 127 and how its passage can help children on the autism spectrum get the evidence-based treatment they need.

Autism Update 2011  a Pediatric Care Online webinar presented by Patricia Manning-Courtney, MD, FAAP.This webinar defines and describes autism spectrum disorders (ASDs). the presenter will review epidemiology, demographics, etiology, screening and diagnosis recommendations, and treatment approaches and discuss current controversies.

Engulfed by the Spectrum: The Impact of the Growing Prevalence of Autism Spectrum Disorders on Law and Policy  The growing prevalence of Autism Spectrum Disorders(ASD) has had a profound, but often unseen, impact on law and policy. This webinar will review the huge volume of cases in federal and state courts in the areas of vaccinations, special education and early intervention and family law involving ASD.

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