Parents Rights in Early Intervention

Do you feel your young child with a disability is not receiving the services they need? As a parent of a child receiving Early Intervention services, you have many rightsIf you feel that changes are needed in your child’s services or you are unhappy with the amount or type of services your child is receiving, it is important that you communicate with your service coordinator. If working directly with your service coordinator does not resolve the issue, you may wish to contact the VFN Family Support program to obtain help and talk freely and openly about your concerns.

Family Support Consultants are parents of children with special needs themselves and part of their job is to assist you in understanding and accessing your rights within in the Early intervention (EI) and Special Education systems. As parents they have a personal understanding of the needs of children in EI and special education systems and work very hard to help other parents understand how to advocate for their own children to ensure they get what they need. They can help you to better understand how to access your rights, which could include filing an administrative complaint. This is a complaint sent to the state of Vermont alerting them that your child is not getting what they are entitled to within their One Plan. The state will investigate your complaint to better understand what is happening and why. Part of the remedy, once the state investigates, may be to increase the level of service for your child.

You can find a complete copy of your parental rights on the Department for Children and Families website. If you have any questions once you have had a chance to review them you can speak with your Service Coordinator or VFN Family Support at 1-800-800-4005. Your call to VFN Family Support is confidential.

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