Multi-Tiered System of Supports

A Multi-Tiered System of Supports or MTSS unifies general education and special education to teach all children, with and without disabilities, to be successful learners. It provides supports in both academics and behavior and can promote the inclusion of children with disabilities in school. Families are involved every step of the way and work collaboratively with schools on their child’s learning objectives.

Watch Supporting All Students in a Multi Tiered System of Supports, a VFN webinar presented by Meagan Roy, Director of Student Support Services, Chittenden South Supervisory Union (CSSU); and Greg Marino, District Principal, Williston Town School District/CSSU.

The MTSS Family Guide reviews the basic components of the MTSS process and includes questions parents might want to ask their child’s school to learn more about the MTSS process. Also included are ways parents can get involved in the process and what to do and where to go if there are questions or concerns. If at any time parents believe their child has a disability and needs special education services, they have a right to request a special education evaluation. In addition to the information gathered from assessments and interventions during the MTSS process, other forms of evaluation must occur to determine if a child is eligible to receive special education services.

Call our family support program at 1-800-800-4005 or (802) 876-5315 if you have questions about special education or MTSS in your school.

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