Donor Spotlight

Donor Spotlight: Melinda Moulton & Main Street Landing

Melinda Moulton is the CEO and a Co-Founder of Main Street Landing in Burlington. For more than 3 decades, she and her business partner, Lisa Steele, have devoted their careers to the redevelopment of Burlington’s Waterfront. Main Street Landing is committed to an environmentally friendly and socially responsible mission.

Melinda Moulton, CEO and a Co-Founder of Main Street Landing in Burlington.

As a community-oriented business woman who has also given much of her time and energy to area non-profits, Melinda has helped numerous organizations including Vermont Family Network. She has devoted much of her time serving on non-profit boards and committees including the YMCA, Lund Family Center, the American Heart Association, Planned Parenthood of Northern New England, and the Vermont Arts Council, to name a few.

Perhaps most impressive is Melinda’s passion for helping people. Her service to non-profit organizations has touched the lives of many, including children and families served by Vermont Family Network. Main Street Landing’s corporate giving program has helped lend support to hundreds of local organizations throughout Vermont.

“As a grandmother of a grandson with autism, the work of Vermont Family Network particularly intrigues me. This organization helps families to navigate through the “systems” to find their way to services and support,” Melinda says. “Anyone who has tried to advocate or find services for a family member understands how difficult and trying the experience can be.”

Melinda first became involved with our organization a few years ago when she invited us to appear on her monthly public access television show “On the Waterfront With Melinda” to talk about the services and supports we provide. Since then, she has remained a strong supporter and advocate of our work.

“Main Street Landing became a corporate donor of VFN because we believe that families need to have an organization like VFN that helps them navigate through the maze of life tasks involved in raising a child with a developmental disability,” Melinda says. “This is the place many families turn to, and the work of VFN is so broad and all encompassing that we wanted to show our support for the work they do for so many.”

As for what makes Vermont Family Network unique and inspires her giving, Melinda says, “VFN provides a wide range of services for families with children who have developmental disabilities – it’s a one-stop shop – whether it’s education, early intervention, health care, special education services, networking, etc. – VFN is able to provide all of this for a family. Families can feel comfort and support as they weave through the systems to find the services for their loved ones.”

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