VFN Staff

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Vermont Family Network Staff September 2017

Administrative Staff:

Pam McCarthy, President/CEO
Holly Brooks, Vice President of Operations
Sarah Wallace-Brodeur, Director of Operations
Charles Teske, Finance Manager
Claire Giroux-Williams, Marketing & Events Coordinator
Dominique Dube, Administrative Specialist
Sherri Dunne, Office Assistant
Adam Minter, Office Assistant

Children’s Integrated Services – Early Intervention Staff:

Rachel Boyers, Director
Ian Carroll, Family Resource Coordinator
Dave Clark, Developmental Educator
Christina Cross, Family Resource Coordinator
Mindy Deibler, Family Resource Coordinator Supervisor
Kimberlie Dusseldorp, Developmental Educator
Kathleen Fitzgerald, Developmental Educator
Nikki Franco, Developmental Educator
Jessica Gerry, Family Resource Coordinator
Maggie Haraburda, Developmental Educator
Skylar Haugenes, Developmental Educator
Mark Kennedy, Family Resource Coordinator
Lisa Kenny, Administrative Coordinator
Jordan LaBonte, Developmental Educator
Kelly Morrison, Developmental Educator Clinical Supervisor
Aline Mukiza, Family Resource Coordinator
Michelle Perry, Developmental Educator
Lily Pigue, Developmental Educator
Kate Ruwet, Family Resource Coordinator
Laurel Sanborn, Family Resource Coordinator
Nar Sarki, Family Resource Coordinator
Theresa Soares, Family Resource Coordinator Supervisor
Nell Solleder, Developmental Educator

Family Support Staff:

Lisa Maynes, Director of Family Support – Health
Karen Price, Director of Family Support – Education
Lori Gilbar, Family Support Consultant – Northeast
Cathleen Francis , Family Support Consultant – Mental Health
Martha Frank, Family Support Consultant
Jan Hancock, Family Support Consultant
Christine Kilpatrick, Family Support Consultant
Jamie Rainville, Family Support Consultant
Nancy Richards, Family Support Consultant – South
Janice Sabett, Family Support Consultant – Training Specialist
Joanne Wechsler, Family Support Consultant

Puppets in Education Staff:

Deb Lyons, Program Consultant
Karen Sharpwolf, Master Puppeteer
Sarah Vogelsang-Card, Program Manager



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