Meet Kim & Taylor

Kim & Taylor. Photo credit: Alison Pierce Photography

Kim & Taylor. Photo credit: Alison Pierce Photography

Taylor was born on a beautiful sunny fall day 8 years ago in a small suburb of San Francisco, California. Within minutes I heard the hushed tones of the operating room with a label to match this tiny, delicate little boy. Down syndrome they all quietly hushed, and yet to me, all I could see was this amazing, beautiful and peaceful infant. From that day on, I knew I had a very remarkable child who happened to also have a label.

After 7 years of fighting budget cuts to Taylor’s services and education within California, as well as fighting for his inclusion, I decided to move to a place where he would not only be fully included and accepted, but would have the necessary resources available to him should he need them. After over a year of tireless research, I happened upon Vermont Family Network and our journey all of a sudden didn’t seem so long from California to Vermont. We had found an extension of our own family; and it was Vermont Family Network. We were not only fully welcomed, but with a warmth and ease like no other resource before. My son’s entire network was formulated within days with everything he could possibly need, and I was also connected to a handful of extraordinary support systems for parents.

We are incredibly grateful to Vermont Family Network for making our transition to Vermont so seamless and for welcoming us both with professionalism, warmth, and grace!

Kim & Taylor

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